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Getting involved with extracurricular activities during your time here at Vietnam Japan University is a great way to learn something new and immerse yourself in the dynamic student community at the University.

Discover the ways that you can get involved during your time at Vietnam Japan University 


Language, culture and social courses



The course of soft skills in VJU focuses on the complex and subtle relationship between language, culture and society. Our courses will help you to improve your communication skills & give  to deepen the understanding of Japanese culture and to gain knowledge of Japan.




The seminars are also the meeting place for all graduate students. Students have the opportunities to attend a wide variety of seminars. Seminars included different level: Master’s program level, VJU level and International Conference. Master’s program level is focused on a particular major, VJU level offer tremendous diversity in subject matter.



Field Trips

In "Learn by Doing" educational programs, field trips can provide essential, real life contact with instructional and experiential subjects, increasing the value of the learning experience overall. We believe that field trips can make a huge contribution to student learning and course enjoyment



Student clubs

By becoming involved with a club, students meet peers with similar interests, gain knowledge and skills relevant to their academic and career paths, and deepen their connection to their field of study, their community and their passion.

Student clubs are a great way to empower and enrich yourself while meeting who share the same passion. 




In addition to study trips, the cultural program organizes activities on and off campus as well as excursions and further afield. these activities provide unique opportunities to learn and have fun with fellow students.


VJU event


 We're proud to host a wide variety of events for the campus community and our larger community. With so many activities taking place across the University, students have the opportunities to learn and communicate with fellow students. In addition to these educational and cultural opportunities, the community looks forward to a number of important annual rituals.