TS. Nguyễn Tiến Dũng

Giảng viên, Điều phối Chương trình 


Dr. Nguyen graduated Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Industrial Construction Engineering (NUCE, 2001), Master of Engineering in Engineering Geology (AIT, 2004), and PhD in Geotechnical Engineering (Dong-A Univ., 2008). Since 2009, Dr. Nguyen has actively involved in teaching and doing researches at different universities in Korea and Vietnam as well as in consulting jobs in geotechnical engineering.


Dr. Nguyen is researches focus on the following fields in geotechnical engineering: (i) deformation behavior of geomaterials; (ii) bearing capacity and settlement of shallow and deep foundations; (iii) ground improvement. Rather than theoretical approach, most of the researches are conducted using laboratory and filed experiments.


Since 2009, Dr. Nguyen has taught several courses in both undergraduate and graduate programs in S. Korea and Vietnam. Some key courses are as follows:
- Undergraduate program: Introduction to computer science; Laboratory soil testing; Soil mechanics; Foundation engineering.
- Graduate program: Geotechnical site investigation; Advanced technologies in civil engineering; Underground civil works in urban areas; Advanced foundation engineering.


Dr. Nguyen has published more than thirty technical papers in the field of geotechnical engineering, of which ten papers are in ISI indexed journals. Most of the papers are on characterization of soft clays using advanced laboratory and field tests and on bearing capacity of different kinds of piles in practice.

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