TS. Akihiko Kotera

Chuyên gia JICA, Giảng viên 

Lecturer, Master's program in Climate Change & Development (MCCD), VNU Vietnam Japan University (VJU).

Expert, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Specially Appointed Research Fellow,  Institute for Global Change Adaptation Science (ICAS), Ibaraki University, Japan


Dr. KOTERA is a lecturer of MCCD at VJU. He has provided lectures in Geo-informatics and Data Analysis for Climate Change Response,  Methodology and Informatics for Sustainability Science, Global Environmental Issues,  and the others related to climate change.

He holds a Bachelor degree from Chiba University (1995) and a Master and a Doctor degree in Agricultural Science from Kyoto University, Japan (1997, 2005). 

Before he was appointed at VJU in 2018, he had worked at National Institute of Agro-Environmental Science, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kobe University, and Ibaraki University in Japan.

His research interests lie in various climate change issues on agriculture in a multiscale area in Vietnam and South-East Asia regions. 

He published more than 30 scientific papers and frequently acts as a member of conference committees and as a reviewer for journals etc. 


Selected Publications:

Kotera, A., Nagano, T., Hanittinan, P., Koontanakulvong, S. 2016. Assessing the degree of flood damage to rice crops in the Chao Phraya delta, Thailand, using MODIS satellite imaging. Paddy and Water Environment14: 271-280.

Kotera, A., Khang, N. D., Sakamoto, T., Iizumi, T. and Yokozawa, M. 2014. A modeling approach for assessing rice cropping cycle affected by flooding, salinity intrusion and monsoon rains in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Paddy and Water Environment. 12, 343-354.

Kotera, A. and Nawata, E. 2007. Role of plant height in the submergence tolerance of rice: a simulation analysis using an empirical model. Agric. Water Manage. 89: 48-58.