PGS. TS. Ikuro Kasuga

Chuyên gia JICA, Giảng viên 


Dr. Ikuro Kasuga obtained Bachelor of Engineering (2000), Master of Engineering (2002), and PhD (2005) at University of Tokyo, Japan. In 2005, he worked as research fellow at Department of Water Supply Engineering, National Institute of Public Health in Japan. In 2006, he moved to Department of Urban Engineering, The University of Tokyo as Assistant Professor. He was promoted to Lecturer in 2013. Since 2016, he has been Associate Professor. Since September in 2018, he has been dispatched to VNU Vietnam Japan University in Hanoi as a JICA expert to support the establishment of Master’s Program in Environmental Engineering.


Dr. Kasuga has research interests in biological water treatment, control of bacterial regrowth in drinking water, antibiotic resistant bacteria in aquatic environment, management of lake water environment, and characterization of dissolved organic matter etc. He is a member of International Water Association (IWA), Japan Society on Water Environment (JSWE), Japan Water Works Association (JWWA), Japan Society of Civil Engineering (JSCE), and Japanese Society of Microbial Ecology (JSME).


Dr. Kasuga has been responsible lectures on “Water Environment”, “Water Supply Engineering”, “Advanced Water Quality Engineering”, “Environmental Engineering Laboratory” etc. in the University of Tokyo. In addition, he has experiences in supervising Bachelor thesis in undergraduate program as well as Master thesis and Ph.D thesis in graduate program. In 2016, he was awarded “Best Teaching Award” from School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo.


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