Thank you Teacher, VJU for making me a NEW me

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Ta Thi Luong, a student of the 2nd Intake of the Master’s Program in Nanotechnology (MNT) thanked 2 years of studying at VJU for its bringing of a lot of precious things with the biggest one, a Teacher. 

After graduating from the VNU - Hanoi University of Science with a BA in Chemical Technology, Luong became a lecturer at Vietnam Maritime University. Two years ago, Luong decided to study a MA at VNU - Vietnam Japan University (VJU) in which she has pursued a brand new field, Nanotechnology.

Beginning a completely new field with nearly zero-level research background but after approximate two years, right before graduation, Luong received a full scholarship from the Japanese Government (MEXT Scholarship) for 3 years of studying Ph.D at Osaka University (Japan). In October 2019, Luong is going to come to Japan to start her further studying path.

During the defense of her master's thesis in front of the Thesis Committee at VJU and Osaka University (Japan), Luong presented her topic which was guided by Dr. Dinh Van An, lecturer at the Master's Program in Nanotechnology (MNT). At the defense, Luong sent to Mr. Dinh Van An a deep thanks to what she received during her two years of study at VJU and about the doctoral scholarship that Luong will study in the next 3 years.

“I have never said a "thank you" directly to Dr. An before but today I really want to give thanks to him.

Although, I was a lecturer before studying at VJU, I lacked background in research. It was him who helped me with basic research basement, how to cultivate new programs, learn new fields. Dr. An is an expert in Theoretical Physics, while the foundation before my MA is Chemistry so all the early knowledge is really difficult for me to absorb. Up to now, it can be said that what is achieved now comes from 90% of his mentoring.

Actually, at first, I couldn’t have the courage to study Ph.D in Japan but thanks to the encouragement from him, I was confident enough to go study further. The scholarship is resulted a little part from luck, from my efforts and much from his mentoring.

I want to thank him, VJU for giving me an opportunity to meet him, meet my friends, Japanese mentors, professors during the internship in Japan. All of them has made me become a very new person, much newer, better than I was before going to study here.”

Luong will continue to pursue the topic of her master's thesis during her Ph.D studying at Osaka University. Dr. Dinh Van An shared mentors at Osaka University where Luong will continue to study for the next 3 years all highly appreciate Luong's topic. Dr. An himself has taught for years at Osaka University and he will continue to be a guide and companion to Luong for the her upcoming journey.


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