A bowl of tea brings peacefulness to the whole world

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

On the first day of June, 10 students from VNU - Vietnam Japan University came to Chashitsu (tea room) of the Urasenke Tankokai Hanoi to learn about tea ceremony. After listening stories, observing process of tea ceremony in the eyes, students had chances to be opened up valuable lessons about life.

“From the time I was born, the things I saw, all of them were Tea. It was, as if in my mother's pregnancy, I had been drinking some extra Tea from what my mother's drink. I used to joke that I had brought a green plate that was born but indeed, I appeared in this world with the responsibility of inheriting the family's work. I think this is not just a mission, it really requires responsibility.”

In the past, Japan was poor but still full of emotion.. After the war, life is full of materials but the spirit is poor. In order to regain the emotional wealth, I am eager to hope that from now on, we will strive to cultivate the spirit " A bowl of tea brings peacefulness to the whole world"”
(Quote from Mr. Sen Gensitsu, President of the Urasenke Tanokokai Federation)

Sharing at the meeting of the students, Ms. Iseri Chiharu, General Secretary from Urasenke Tankokai Hanoi told simple stories about the portrait of  Mr. Sen Gensitsu, Leader of Urasenke. He is the 15th generation descendant of the Urasenke. From a soldier, he became UN Goodwill ambassador to spread the spirit of “A bowl of tea brings peacefulness to the whole world”.

Not only were they listening to the stories about the origins and development process of the tea ceremony, the students also practiced tea ceremony with practitioners from the Urasenke Tankokai Hanoi. The members of the Urasenke Tankokai Hanoi explained very thoroughly about every little detail throughout the process. Each Tea equipment (chadōgu) such as a Tea whisk, Tea bowl, Tea caddy,… and just through how the hostess fills the bowl with green tea powder and then pours hot water into it and stirs with a bamboo whisk to help the students see respect and real meaning in every action, gesture. All bring the spirit of “Peacefulness brought by a bowl of tea”.   

Nguyen Dang Hue, a student of the Master’s Program in Climate change and Development shared, “My extremely interesting thing with the session is the spirit of Chado (Tea Ceremony). After experiencing in real Tea Room like a real guest, I felt the harmony between the tea guests and realized that learning to make tea is like forging both body and soul. All movements must put feeling and gratitude into it. Tea Room brings a peaceful feelings, the peace comes from the mind. It is really an unforgettable valuable experience for me.”

 “A bowl of tea brings peacefulness to the whole world” does not stop as an individual’s wish but has gradually become a wish of many people when Tea Ceremony always gives participants a feeling peace and desire to spread peace to others.


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