[Video] VJU Alumi and the question WHAT IS VJU?

Monday, August 12, 2019

For every student of VJU, the university has different meanings. We conducted interviews with VJU 2nd Intake students to find out their own defination of VJU. 

Nguyen Quang Dieu (Master’s Program in Area Studies): I chose the word "Jailbreaking" because it means breaking the limit of yourself, that is, when studying in an international environment with the philosophy of liberal arts education towards sustainability development, all the things I have ever thought I won’t do or can’t do turning out the possibility if I really want to do it.

Ho Phuong Hong (Master's Program in Business Administration): People are very friendly although I am from another province - Central Vietnam with a completely different culture. Thanks to the friendliness of everyone, I am very easy to integrate with the life at VJU.

Pham Minh Ngoc (Master's program in Environmental Engineering): Everyone here is very enthusiastic. Back to the first time when I came to VJU, the first impression is the staff’s Japanese professional working ethic. Secondly, everyone is very active and young, very enthusiastic when I came in and consulted me useful information about the university, such as scholarship programs, how to apply and how the learning environment will be.

Vu Dinh Quang (Master's program in Infrastructure Engineering): In the rush to meet deadlines, comes along lots of activities that make students stick together, so in the process of meeting the deadline, it brings fun and dynamism. Everyone enjoys together.

Ho Ngoc Nam (Master's Program in Nanotechnology): I ​​think it will be true for many of you studying at VJU, that the university brings a lot of opportunities. VJU brings you a starting point for you to achieve your own future goals.

Nguyen Hoan Long (Master’s Program in Public Policy): A lot of deadlines, there are classes start in the morning and submission of assignments in the afternoon, which means you have to submit the report right in the next morning lesson. Japanese teachers are very strict about how to submit on time. Whatever the reasons are, trying to complete it within the time.


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