We will be back to Vietnam - Impression left after Summer Program in the heart of Japanese students

Monday, September 18, 2017

21 - 27/08/2017, "Summer Program 2017”  was held at Vietnam Japan University, HN-VNU with the participation of students of Hosei University, Ritsumeikan University and Vietnam Japan University (VJU)

After months of drafting and planning, VJU "Summer Program 2017” is officially launched on 21/8. In the first day, Japanese students are welcomed warmly with meaningful activities as follow: Conversation with VJU leaders, lecturers and students; Enjoying Vietnamese  traditional dance and songs; Sightseeing VJU campus.

"Summer Program 2017” is an opportunity shortening the distance between Japanese students and Vietnam and vice versa through studying activities and field trips. The program is designed to arrange alternately lessons about Vietnam and field trips. Japanese students are taught how to spell Vietnamese; Vietnamese history, culture, and economy; by Vietnamese and Japanese lecturers. The destinations introduced to Japanese students are Vietnam Museum of Ethnology; Water puppet; Old Quarter; Ho Chi Minh President Mausoleum; The Temple of Literature; The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long; Halong Bay; etc. Those are the most significant, cultural and landmarks during Vietnam history.

Also in "Summer Program 2017”, Japanese students get the remarkable experience of Vietnamese daily life by becoming a member of Vietnamese family - that activity is called homestay. Only one night spent, Japanese students join every aspect of Vietnamese usual life: from going to market, cooking traditional Vietnamese dishes, to eat a dinner with Vietnamese family, etc. This activity is a lively and practical lecture to let Japanese students penetrate comprehensively Vietnamese culture showing daily, and feel the intimacy with Vietnamese people. Besides, at each place, many activities hosted by VJU students receive attention and interest from Japanese students. Spending time together since the first-day imprints deeply in Japanese and VJU students unforgettable memories.

"Summer Program 2017” is closed on 27/8 in the happiness of all participants. This program successfully transfers the knowledge of Vietnamese culture - people to Japanese students. The majority of Japanese shows the wish of coming back to Vietnam and some want to have their internships in Vietnam.

Although "Summer Program 2017” is a pilot program, its success promises a future summer program which attracts more Japanese students. The program aims to promote the image of VJU and Vietnam to the young generation of Japanese. This is also a precious chance fot VJU students to boost their Japanese speaking, communication skills in iternational environment and discover Japanese culture. 

Photos from Summer Program:

Photo: Students are watching water puppet.

Photo: Students are in front of Vietnam museum of Ethnology

Photo: Students are at AEON Mall

Photo: Students are wearing Vietnamese traditional clothes - Ao dai, at The Temple of  Literature

Photo: Students at Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum


Photo: Students at Halong Bay

Photo: Students at Inoah Show - contemporary dance

Photo: Students at Farewell Party


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