Vietnam Japan University, VNU promotes cooperation and development with Japanese Universities

Monday, August 21, 2017

2/8 – 11/8/2017, Vietnam Japan University, VNU delegation, led by Vice Rector Nguyen Hoang Oanh, visited and worked with Japanese Universities.

In a 10 – day business trip, Vietnam Japan University (VJU) delegation paid a visit and discussed to promote future activities with the leading board of Japanese Universities as follow: Ibaraki University, Kitakyushu Public University, Kobe University, Kyoto University, Nagasaki University, Ritsumeikan University, Takushoku University. These are 7 out of 30 Japanese Universities that Vietnam Japan University is cooperating to build and operate VJU's Master Programs.

Photo: VJU delegation working with Kyoto University leading board

Photo: Head of VJU delegation – Vice Rector Nguyen Hoang Oanh receiving gift from Kobe University

Photo: VJU delegation meeting with the leaders of Nagasaki University

These universities are well-known all over Japan, with their long traditions and global oriented educational philosophy. Some universities have impressive achievements and numbers, such as: Kyoto University – a national research center and a vast number of Nobel and Fields awards; Nagasaki University with Chemical Nobel; Kobe University with 3300 staffs including professors, associated professor, experts, etc.; Takushoku University with 160000 students and more than 130000 graduates currently working aboard and hundreds foreign students studying at the university, etc. 

Photo: VJU delegation working with Kitakyushu Public University

During working session, VJU delegation explained and discussed with Japanese Universities about potential activities, for example: Students and lecturers exchange; students and researchers internship;… VJU delegation also did some sightseeing in the campus, facility, researching rooms of these universities and science projects are specially informed to the delegation. Moreover, the delegation met and encourage Vjietnamese students and researchers studying and working at these Japanese universities.

In the coming VJU Master program of Environmental Engineering students’ internship in Japan, there are 3 students going to Ritsumeikan University and 1 going to Kyoto University.

Photo: VJU delegation visiting researching room of Kitakyushu Public University

The trip ended on 10/8. This is a landmark in VJU promoting cooperation activities and through this trip, more opportunities are opened to consolidate the relations between VJU and Japanese Universities. It is promising to bring more chances and international studying environment to VJU’s students, lecturers and experts.


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