The largest airline in Japan through VJU students' perspectives

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Recently, 4 students from Vietnam Japan University have participated in the "ANA Global Internship" of ANA – All Nippon Ariways, the largest airline of Japan, including Bui Thi Huyen Dieu (Master's Program in Area Studies), Dinh Quynh Trang (Master's Program in Area Studies), Nguyen Thi Que Huong (Master's Program in Area Studies) and Nguyen Huu Cuong (Master's Program in Business Administration). 

4 VJU students in ANA Global Internship Program

According to ANA, 4 VJU students are the first Vietnamese students to be selected to participate in this global internship program. As the No. 1 airline in Japan, the working environment at ANA has left extremely deep impressions on VJU students.

Through a 4-day internship at ANA, each VJU student has a very different feeling about the journey to explore the professional working environment at ANA.

Students at ANA checked-in position in Noi Bai Airport before going to Japan for the internship program

Unprecedented experience

Among the 4 VJU students who came to ANA to participate in this Global Internship Program, two of them have never set foot on Japan land. Although they have heard stories about Japan and met Japanese friends in Vietnam, the experiences at ANA and the country and people of Japan are extremely fresh.

Talking about her internship program, Bui Thi Huyen Dieu (Master's Program in Area Studies) shared: "The program has 37 attendants, divided into 6 groups, preparing one topic. At the end of the session, ANA will review the results of the groups. 4 students are divided into different groups, working directly with students from Japan and China, Through the lessons, we are listening to share about business strategies, about ANA's philosophy, business model,... from ANA employees.

"Through this internship program, I know I still have a lot to learn. Every single one experience at ANA brings not only knowledge but also a cultural and social experience to bring inspiration and courage to continue experiencing new things in life. ”, Dieu shared.

The students shared about their experience in ANA with the Rector Furuta Motoo


Global friendship

Nguyen Thi Que Huong (Master's Program in Area Studies) shared with the Rector Furuta Motoo: "We met a lot of students from renowned Japanese universities such as Tokyo University, Waseda University,... and we learned a lot from them. One very interesting thing is that some of them haven’t known about Vietnam. However, through our stories, they  understand more about Vietnam and some of them surely decided to visit Vietnam in the near future.”

Nguyen Thi Que Huong (Master's Program in Area Studies) was talking about her experience with the Rector

Dinh Quynh Trang (Master's Program in Area Studies) shared: "The first time we went to practice at ANA, we introduced ourselves from VJU but very few friends know about VJU. After 4 days of the program, we helped bring VJU's image closer to the international students. Thanks to the knowledgeable help of teachers and especially JICA experts before we came to Japan, we were able to be confident and understand what is important to focus on. We always try to acquire new knowledge and help students from other countries understand more about VJU students.”

Nguyen Huu Cuong (Master's Program in Business Administration) was amazed about the experience at ANA the last 4 days

Lessons of professionalism and always towards new values

Nguyen Huu Cuong (Master's Program in Business Administration), through the internship program, has an extremely valuable knowledge about the professional working environment at ANA: "When I went to ANA's Operation Center, I was overwhelmed by the scale and professionalism. At the office, ANA staff gave a presentation about their department. Each employee, each position are in a separate zone and they always works with concentration and responsibility.”

Students and the Rector warmly talked to each other

Bui Thi Huyen Dieu (Master's Program in Regional Studies) has another feeling about ANA with a story about bringing new values ​​to customers: "Through sharing from ANA, we understand that ANA always create a sense of excitement for customers. ANA creates perfection by going into details, meticulously. Air service is not simply about making profit but also promoting the image of the country. Previously, I used to work for a shipping company and I used to think transporting was extremely normal. However, when I see the strategy behind each product of ANA, I understand that carrying a passenger is a wonderful mission. The airline gives passengers new feelings, from which they can create new values ​​and new insights that help the community develop.”



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