VJU Open Campus 2018 – The compelling Japanese university environment

Monday, January 15, 2018

VJU Open Campus 2018 was held on January 13, 2018 by Vietnam Japan University, Vietnam National University, Hanoi. The event was an opportunity for students, parents and all interested parties to experience the facilities, study, research activities and life, etc. inside the campus.

VJU Open Campus 2018 event accommodated a number of local and international candidates, parents, who are interested in the university's training programs. This proves VJU's success and attraction in term of training quality.

Professor Furuta Motoo, Rector of VJU, VNUHN

Identical environment to any Japan-based University

Rector Furuta Motoo affirmed in his opening speech the determinations shared by Vietnamese and Japanese governments in establishing a preeminent education and training model, “Currently, the Japanese Government is supporting VJU in establishing an international standard study and research environment, as well as sending for renowned Japanese lecturers.

As the Rector of VJU, I am coordinating with my associates to develop a high quality university for Vietnam. We expect to bring a genuine Japanese study environment to Vietnamese students, and we expect our graduates would be successful in their career in other universities, institutes or companies not only of Vietnam or Japan, but also the region. That would be your contributions to the country’s development and Vietnam - Japan mutual cooperation”.

Dr. Nguyen Hoang Oanh, Vice Rector of VJU, VNUHN

Well-grounded, Ethical and Visionary Graduates

In addition, Dr. Nguyen Hoang Oanh, Vice Rector of VJU, introduced to candidates and parents the three core education and research values of the University: Interdisciplinary, sustainable development, and liberal arts education philosophy. Most remarkably, VJU takes quality as the first priority, and would produce full-fledged graduates with well-grounded knowledge, ethics and visions.

You would be overwhelmingly accommodated by both Governments in terms of study conditions, facilities, modern equipment, tuition fees, scholarships, and especially, Japan-based internship. These are reserved exclusively to VJU students.”

Accessible to World Standard Practical Knowledge

The candidates had an opportunity to discuss and inquire to Master's Program lecturers. “In VJU, students would access to most up-to-date scientific and technological knowledge, and receive world class practical and basic knowledge,” said Professor Yoji Shibutani from Department of Mechanical Engineering of Osaka University, Co-Director of Master's Program in Nanotechnology.

Professor Yoji Shibutani, Co-Director of Master's Program in Nanotechnology

Opportunity with Prominent Lecturers from Vietnam and Japan

The highlight of VJU Open Campus event was the experience stories from current VJU students. “Perhaps not just myself, but many others also feel lucky for being a student of VJU. In here we are instructed by wonderful, albeit strict and demanding lecturers. Even though I am stressed here and there, I can still feel their attentiveness and diligence. It was also our lecturers that connected us with institutions and companies, and facilitated the internship, survey and research opportunities,” said Nguyen Manh Tung, a freshman of Master’s Program in Infrastructure Engineering.

Exploring Japan Quality Education Environment

“Campus tour” around VJU was an eye-opening activity. Candidates were introduced with Japanese style, best quality lecture wing, lecture halls, library, cafeteria, self-study labs, etc. VJU has invested and is finalizing 03 modern laboratories to facilitate study and research activities for Master’s Programs in Nanotechnology, Infrastructure Engineering and Environment Engineering. 

In addition to studying and socializing activities, candidates were also immersed in the festival ambiance with multiple cultural activities, most noticeable of which was Japanese Tea Ceremony, first-hand instructed by Koji Asada, a JICA expert working at VJU. They were also introduced to “Japanese Tet” traditions by Ms. Pham Thi Thu Giang, lecturer of Master’s Program in Area Studies. Also included are exhibits of cultural relics facilitated by the Embassy of Japan and Japan Foundation, Japanese classes by Ms. Matsunami, Mr. Tanaka, and Ms. Vuong Bich Lien, and the dressing of Japanese traditional clothing, Yukata, etc.

Pham Minh Anh, final year student at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNUHN said “I’m extremely interested in Japanese culture and education. Since my sophomore year I have sought Japanese scholarships. I have been observant to VJU information for a while, and torn between pursuing scholarship and studying here. Today after attending VJU Open Campus, I learnt from lecturers and other students that VJU is a professional, rigorous yet affectionate and friendly environment. I will make every effort to obtain scholarship for the Master’s Program in Area Studies in VJU”.

VJU Open Campus was truly a festival, in addition to being home for academics, research and Vietnamese – Japanese cultural exchange. It was also an opportunity for VJU lecturers and students to pass down their passions to the expectant candidates in reaching for the high of knowledge and self-training, to become different persons and contribute to common development and advancement. 



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