Vietnam Japan University celebrates the opening ceremony of 2017 - 2018 academic year

Monday, September 18, 2017

On the morning of 9/9/2017, Vietnam Japan University under Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNUHN) held a solemn opening ceremony for the new academic year. This marks the second opening ceremony of the University and welcomes new students of the 2nd cohort.
The Ceremony was attended by Mr. Takebe Tsutomu - Special Advisor to the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance; Mr. Umeda Kunio - Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam; Mr. Irigaki Hidetoshi - JICA Senior Vice President; representatives of Japanese partner universities; Japanese businesses and associations. Participants on Vietnam side included Mr. Nguyen Phu Binh - Vice Chairman of the Vietnam – Japan Friendship Association; leaders of ministries and representatives from business partners. Participants on VNUHN side included Mr. Nguyen Kim Son, President of VNUHN and Chairman of VJU Council; and leaders from VNUHN’s functional departments.

The mass media from both Vietnam and Japan, together with all students of the first and second cohort also joined in celebrating this event.
In his welcoming remarks, VJU Rector - Prof. Dr. Furuta Motoo extended his warm greetings to all guests present at the ceremony and all the students of the 2nd cohort of Vietnam Japan University. The Rector recognized and appreciated the efforts of the first cohort and over 100 faculty members from Vietnam and Japan during the past year to promote VJU’s image as a high quality university.

Photo: Rector Furuta Motoo is speaking at the opening ceremony

Over the past year, Vietnam Japan University has received keen attention from both governments of Vietnam and Japan as well as VNUHN. Let’s take a look back at VJU’s milestones in the academic year 2016-2017: visits of His Royal Highness Japanese Emperor and Her Royal Highness Empress, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, Japanese Speaker of the House of Representatives Oshima Tadamori and most recently, Vietnamese Prime Minister - Nguyen Xuan Phuc to VJU. In his speech, Rector Furuta Motoo reiterated the University’s education philosophies, namely liberal arts education, sustainable development and student-centered approach. In closing, Rector Furuta Motoo conveyed hope that each individual VJU student will strive to cultivate their resilience, innovation, and independent critical thinking, without molding themselves into any pattern. "We do not expect you to mold yourself into a "VJU style”; rather each of you will shape VJU."
VNUHN President Nguyen Kim Son also welcomed the new students of the 2nd cohort. Being a member of VNUHN and a symbol of friendship between Vietnam and Japan, VJU has been very active during the past year in bringing a new spirit to the entire VNUHN. The support of the people and governments of the two countries to VJU is tremendous, as evidenced by many high-level visits by leaders, politicians and Japanese businesses. In that spirit, President Nguyen Kim Son expressed his wish that VJU would continue to uphold its prestige, training quality, and, more importantly, its unique identity. President Nguyen Kim Son pledged his utmost support for VJU’s operations. 

To conclude, President Nguyen Kim Son called on the students to make their best efforts in learning, because "learning and growing not only for yourself but also for higher mission of becoming an ambassador for Viet Nam - Japan friendship.”

Photo: President Nguyen Kim Son is speaking at the ceremony

Ambassador Umeda Kunio also pinned his hopes on the students. In his speech, Mr. Umeda Kunio affirmed dedicated support from the leaders of the two governments to the development of VJU. He also conveyed his thanks to Mr. Takebe Tsutomu and other stakeholders who supported and helped to shape VJU today, and believed that the second cohort will extend efforts to uphold VJU’s image and brand name.

Photo: Ambassador Umeda Kunio is speaking

On behalf of the distinguished guests, Mr. Takebe Tsutomu - Special Advisor to the Japan - Vietnam Parliamentary Friendship Alliance, gave a short speech for the opening ceremony. Mr. Takebe Tsutomu has always been with VJU since it was only a concept until official formation. He wished to further his relentless efforts as many years now for the sake of Vietnam - Japan relationship. Mr. Takebe Tsutomu hoped that with the expectation and support of the both governments, Vietnam Japan University will be among the most prominent universities in the region. Addressing the students, Mr. Takebe Tsutomu expected VJU students would become the next generation of leaders in Vietnam and abroad, contributing to the sustainable development of the region and the world.

Photo: Mr. Takebe Tsutomu - Special Advisor to the Japan - Vietnam Parliamentary Friendship Alliance is speaking

The ceremony also celebrated the inaugural of Vietnam Japan University Council for the term 2016 - 2021 to all the guests and students. VJU Council is the supreme body of the University and responsible for making decisions and mobilizing resources for the University.

At the opening ceremony, Rector Furuta Motoo awarded certificates of merit and awards to the students of the first cohort with excellent academic and research achievements, and the students of the second cohort with the highest entrance exam results.

In response to the expectations and support of the University, Trinh Ngoc Hong Anh - the best performer in the second cohort’s admission into the Master’s Program in Business Administration spoke on behalf of all VJU freshmen. In her speech, Hong Anh expressed her sincere gratitude to the two Governments, agencies, managers, lecturers, together with aspirations, dreams, and promises to make the best efforts in study and research.

Photo: Excellent VJU students in first and second cohort

The ceremony ended with the drum beat by Rector Furuta Motoo. A new academic year has begun in the joy of all the guests and staff, lecturers and students of Vietnam Japan University, promising a year of successes.

Photo: Rector Furuta Motoo drums to start a new academic year

Photo: Collective photo at the end of the ceremony


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