The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) Mission met students

Thursday, February 28, 2019

On February 25, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry paid a visit to Vietnam Japan University, VNU (VJU) and exchanged with students to learn more about the leading learning environment in cooperation between the two countries, Vietnam and Japan.

Not satisfied with “What's available”

During this meeting, Nguyen Quang Dieu, a student of the Master's Program in Area Studies (Japanese Studies), shared about the university.

Dieu used to be an alumnus of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, but with the desire to expand his knowledge, he has mastered Japanese and now becomes a student of Japanese Studies, Master's Program in Area Studies of ​​Vietnam Japan University.

Dieu, student of Master's Program in Area Studies presented his development during studying in VJU to representatives of JCCI Mission

“If I visualize my own development process after graduating from university, I will get an S-shaped curve of the Logit function. This curve represents the growth or transformation in three stages: the first is slow growth, at a certain time the growth rate will be faster, but at the end of the curve, it slows down. In nearly 2 years ago, after a period of working and having developed quite quickly, I felt myself being slowed down at the top of the S-shaped curve ... ”, Dieu shared

Precisely because of the slowdown of his when he have started certain achievements, Dieu has decided to look for a new, young and dynamic environment to be able to break his own limit. Therefore, he did not hesitate to choose VJU.

VJU as a “Martial arts training course”

The 2-year program can be seen a “gap-year of his career”, is sufficient for Dieu so that Dieu can freely experiment and explore himself.  

Repesentative of JCCI Mission discussed with students

The high quality of the program provided by VJU is regarded as harsh requirement of the students’ efforts to meet the high requirements of research of leading Japanese universities such as Tokyo University and Osaka University.  

Because of these requirements, every student studying at VJU is always trained himself, equipped with the skills necessary to adapt to the current rapid globalization.

However, high professionalism and demands of the university still help students find inspiration in learning. With the liberal art education philosophy, VJU is an environment where students can always do what they want. Every day, students can meet and learn from many leading professors, elite students from many fields in and outside the country. Each story attained every day in VJU is a piece to complete "evolution" form of students.


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