Science and Academics Committee Second Meeting : Discuss about the way to become the top ranking university in Asia

Thursday, November 30, 2017

On November 17, 2017, the Scientific and Academic Council of Vietnam Japan University (VJU) held its second meeting on the University’s strategic orientation and vision.

Although VJU has just been established and faced with many difficulties, it has made significant progress over the past two years to confirm its position in the local education system. This was acknowledged and appreciated by VJU Scientific and Academic Council. In delivering opening remarks, Prof. Dr. Vu Minh Giang, Chairman of the Council, said: “The students’ performance is very positive, with various awards earned through major competitions. It is thanks to efforts made by the entire staff, students, lecturers, and leaders of the University.

On the draft development plan of VJU, Prof. Furuta Motoo, VJU Rector, shared: “Aims to become a prestigious and top quality research-based university in Asia and to train human resources to meet practical needs of society are two starting points to outline VJU’s mission, vision and organizational model”.

On training, VJU will continue to follow the philosophy of liberal arts education, sustainable development and high-quality training at all three levels of undergraduate, graduate and doctorate in the domains of engineering, advanced technology and interdisciplinary sciences. 

Photo: Rector Furuta Motoo speaks at the meeting

According to the report by Prof. Furuta Motoo regarding the development of faculty and administrative staff, VJU would form a team of highly qualified lecturers and researchers, of which more than 90% are PhDs, and thrive for high-level internationalization with the involvement of lecturers invited from Japanese partner universities as well as domestic and international visiting lecturers. The University will also focus on developing skilled and professional administrative staff to support academic and research activities.

With regards to the development of VJU campus in Hoa Lac expected to be completed in 2024, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Anh Dzung, VJU Vice Rector, said: the campus is expected to cover an area of ​​75 hectares split in two zones, one within the Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNUHN) campus in Hoa Lac and one in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park. The university campus in Hoa Lac, with total investment of about USD300 million will be able to accommodate 6,000 people, following an eco-campus model on the basis of advanced technology and consideration of local factors. The infrastructure invested by the Governments of Vietnam and Japan will create the most favorable conditions for training, research and management activities of VJU in the future.

On the planning for academic programs, specialized majors and organizational model of academic departments to 2024, Vice Rector Dr. Nguyen Hoang Oanh emphasized that VJU’s planning and organizational model would be guided by two main elements: Liberal arts education for sustainable development and research centric. The University expects to offer three undergraduate courses, nine master programs and two doctorate degrees by 2019. Once its Hoa Lac campus is completed in 2024, VJU will expand training programs and build a closed ecosystem of training, research and cooperation with business partners and organizations. Particularly, its primary focus is on research activities.

In addition, VJU is under discussion on developing top-up programs for majors of advanced technology and engineering.

Photo: Vice Rector Vu Anh Dzung speaks at the meeting

Photo: Vice Rector Nguyen Hoang Oanh speaks at the meeting

Photo: Chairperson Prof. Dr. Vu Minh Giang comments on a report at the meeting

Based on the presented report and draft development plan, Prof. Dr. Vu Minh Giang highlighted issues that VJU Board of Rectors would need to be attentive to, e.g.: Promotion of scientific research in line with the set objectives; Balance between academic and applied research; Utilization of funds for research activities.

Moreover, councilors all provided comments and remarks on the implementation methods, financial plans, training activities, talent attraction, etc.

The Development orientation and Training plan of VJU was thus discussed and commented by the University’s Scientific and Academic Council. The plans are to be updated and discussed in the next meetings.


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