Rikishis at VJU

Friday, February 15, 2019

Prof. Furuta Motoo welcomed "Rikishis" to VJU

Rikishis is Japanese term for sumo wrestlers of whom Japanophiles (people who love Japan) and even general people all around the world are fancy. Recently, rikishis who are from Arashio-beya Sumo Stable have come visit VJU campus and students, lecturers, staffs as well.

Head of Arashio-beya Sumo Stable shared about rikishis' life

Arashio-beya Sumo Stable is a stable of sumo wrestlers, part of the Japanese group of sumo stables with over-100-year history of development.

Sharing moments between rikishis and VJU students

During the visit to VJU, Arashio rikishis bring a lot of Japanese information about history of sumo wrestlers in Japan, how they practice and all things about the life of becoming a rikishi. Through a movie brought by Arashio – beya Sumo Stable, sharing moments among rikishis and VJU students and also a small funny sumo fighting tournament, VJU people have widen knowledge about amazing rikishis and Japanese culture, people, nation in general. 


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