President of Shimadzu Corp’s Talk on Contribution to Society through Science and Technology

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The President and CEO of Shimadzu Corporation - Teruhisa Ueda had a talk with students of VNU-HN about “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology” in the afternoon of April 10, 2017 at Nguyen Van Dao auditorium hall. The talk left a deep impression for the audience on the vision, philosophy and values of a great Japanese entrepreneur and scientist.

Mr. Teruhisa Ueda – President of Shimadzu corporation

Dr. Teruhisa Ueda opened the talk with the latest advances in science and technology from Shimadzu Corporation and the significant contribution of Shimadzu to societal growth. Shimadzu always emphasizes the excellence of science and technology and makes use of science and technology to create value for partners and customers. One of Shimadzu’s specialists, Koichi Tanaka, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002.

Subsequently, Dr. Teruhisa Ueda shared with the students of VNU-HN about his learning and working journey since graduating from university, leading the research team in the U.S. until becoming head of Shimadzu technology group. It can be said that Dr. Teruhisa Ueda is a respected entrepreneur and scientist in Japan. He shared that: “I myself have been a research scientist, and now being in charge of business management makes me even value more the importance of professional expertise. Only when understanding technical issues and having a grab of the latest technology, can you provide solution and advise customers as well as set sound directions for the development of the business.”

From the research and management experience at Shimadzu Corporation, Dr. Teruhisa Ueda continued to share with students of VNU-HN the key to success in the field of science and technology: Firstly, is to find the needs of the world, including both current and future needs. And secondly, to provide technology solutions that best meet that needs. According to Dr. Teruhisa Ueda, to achieve success in the field of science, there need three factors. One is being highly competitive because competition helps to find the optimal solution. The second is to set the highest goals for yourself that is, always striving toward the leading position as it motivates the efforts of discovery. Third is being persistent, patient and not to give up, despite difficulties or failures, always sticking with your choice. 

In particular, Dr. Teruhisa Ueda encouraged Vietnamese students to continually expand their vision to the world by asking themselves three questions: How to have a broader understanding of the people, culture and customs of countries around the world? How to know what the world needs? What can we do to meet those needs?

According to Dr. Teruhisa Ueda, in the process of learning, students not only master the knowledge but also need to develop communication skills, global vision and deep concern for social issues.

Answering the question of Nguyen Anh Hao, a student from VJU about how Shimazu balances profit and social responsibility goals, Dr. Teruhisa Ueda shared that: “When we implement a value-added business model that makes contributions to the society and is accepted by the society, such business will, by default, generate profits. At Shimadzu, profits from business activities mainly serve to: Maintain corporate performance, invest in research and development, and invest in supporting universities. That is contribution to the society."

Answering the question of Luu Duy, a student of VJU on the opportunity to attain an internship at Shimadzu Corporation, Dr. Teruhisa Ueda responded: “Shimadzu is an international corporation, and we value the recruitment of international personnel. Since 2007, we have launched activities to allow foreign students to intern at Shimadzu, and so far there have been many students, particularly three of which were from VNU-HN took up internship at Shimadzu. During the internship, students will have opportunities to interact with the latest techniques and technologies. And many post-intern students have been hired to become Shimadzu’s official employees. Therefore, I am very much looking forward to students of VJU to take advantage of these internship opportunities to improve their skills, professional knowledge and career development."

Speaking at the talk, Prof. Furuta Motoo - Rector of VJU shared: “Innovation has now become a hot topic not only limited to education and science and technology sectors in Vietnam. VJU is actively training talents to take on the role of creating innovations for the society. President Ueda’s talk today highlights key elements of innovation through the rich experiences of Shimadzu and President Ueda himself. This is also the goal of the liberal education that VJU is gearing toward. With a liberal education environment at the University, students can be fully equipped with the skills they need to succeed in an international environment, meeting the needs of the world’s high-tech corporations.”

Professor Furuta Motoo emphasized: “This is a very useful and persuasive talk, providing meaningful encouragement for the students. Shimadzu Group has had existing good cooperation with VNU-HN. Yet I believe President Ueda’s talk today marked a new development in the cooperative relationship with VNU-HN while opening up cooperation opportunity between Shimadzu Corporation and VJU.’’

VNU President Nguyen Kim Sơn provides souvenir to Teruhisa Ueda


VNU-HN and Shimazu Corporation have had important cooperating activities such as the establishment of VNU-Shimadzu Laboratory (VSL) at the Center for Environmental Technology and Sustainable Development (CETASD), VNU-HN in 1998, and in 2011, former Chairman of Shimadzu Corporation - Akira Nakamoto was awarded an honorary doctorate of VNU-HN. In particular, with the Shimadzu-A.Nakamoto Scholarship, Shimadzu Corporation has created opportunities for outstanding students of VNU-HN to be trained in using environmental and food analysis equipment, contributing to assist the development of human resources in Vietnam.


Shimadzu Corporation was established 140 years ago in March 1875 with headquarters in Nishinokyo Kuwabara-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan. Shimadzu is one of the leading Japanese corporations in the field of analytical instruments, measuring instruments and medical equipment with sophisticated and high technology products such as chromatography systems, absorption spectrometers and surface analytical instruments.  Shimadzu is the world's only producer of a "Direct-Conversion" Flat Panel Detector for cardiac, angiography and general radiography examinations. It can be said that the analytical and measurement technologies in the products of Shimadzu are “technologies for science’s sake.”

Leaders of VNU, VJU take photo with leaders of Shimadzu Corporation


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