Practical experience of the Master Program in Business Administration students at H.I.S Group

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

21-28/7/ 2017, students of the Master program in Business Administration of Vietnam Japan University, VNU-HN had the opportunity to practice at Hanoi Office of H.I.S Group - one of the  pporters of the University.

Established in 1980, H.I.S is a huge corporation with 230 branches in 141 countries worldwide. H.I.S field of business activity is tourism. H.I.S branch in Hanoi is located in Hong Ha Center, Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hanoi.

Internship at H.I.S is a great chance for VJU students to work directly in a Japanese company. Through this internship, VJU students are trained in the Japanese working rules and style. In addition, working in tourism corporations is also a new step to practically widen the knowledge of the students about Japanese companies, adding that they have studied in the classroom.

Photo: H.I.S office in Hanoi.

Photo: Nakamura Yuka, senior staff at H.I.S Group.

Ms. Nakamura Yuka, H.I.S senior staff of Hanoi Office., who is responsible for the interns coming from VJU, expressed her impression of VJU students' learning and working attitude: "They asked many questions from their perspectives. There are even issues which have been unseen by ourselves". In her viewpoint, Japanese and Japanese business manner are critical to work for Japanese companies not only in Japan but also outside of Japan. VJU students seem to have potential to overcome those issues through this experience at H.I.S..

Photo: H.I.S office during working hours

Photo: VJU students are working at H.I.S.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, a student of VJU’s MBA program as well as an intern at H.I.S, said: "Because H.I.S is a Japanese corporation, the working style is really professional. We are assisted just in time and every question from us is answered straightly. In addition, working with H.I.S executives and experts also teaches us how to organize, arrange work, develop professional skills, and acclimatize themselves to the work and culture of Japanese businesses. Fortunately, VJU has equipped us with sufficient Japanese communication skills and cultural understandings to communicate effectively with the Japanese staffs. "

Since H.I.S always consider it important to work hard and learn from everything and welcomes qualified young people.

Internship at H.I.S is very valuable opportunities to have an actual experience in a Japanese company for VJU students in Vietnam during their school years, because even Japanese university students are difficult to have that kind of opportunities. VJU is keeping to discuss and negotiate with Japanese companies about internship for VJU students, so that students shall meet the requirements of Japanese companies and make efforts to contribute VJU with their valuable experiences at Japanese enterprises or Vetnamese ones.Therefore the internship is expected to assist to improve   the quality of education at VJU.

Vietnam Japan University, has partnership of leading universities in Japan such as the University of Tokyo, Osaka University, Yokohama National University , Tsukuba University, Ritsumeikan University and Waseda University. Also VJU is establishing networks with Japanese companies. With those support, VJU would develop its sustainability.


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