Mr. Yoshida Masaaki Awarded Memorial Medal for His Contributions to VJU

Thursday, March 16, 2017

On the morning of March 16, 2017, VNU-HN held a ceremony to award Mr. Yoshida Masaaki, President of the Japan-Vietnam Economic Forum, President of RECOF Corporation with memorial medal for the development of VNU-HN,  recognizing His important contributions in the establishment of the Viet Nam Japan University (VJU).

VNU-HN President Nguyen Kim Son presented the memorial medal to Mr. Yoshida Masaaki

Attending the Medal Ceremony, on the Japanese side, was the presence of Mr. Takebe Tsutomu, Special Advisor to the Japan-Viet Nam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance; Mr. Nagai Katsuro - Envoy of the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam; Mr. Tanaka Yasushi - JICA Head of South East Asia; Mr. Fujita Yasuo - Chief Representative of JICA in Vietnam; On the Vietnamese side, there was the presence of Mr. To Huy Rua - former Politburo Member, Head of Personnel Department of the Central Committee of the VCP, Chairman of the Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association, Honorary Rector of VJU; Mr. Nguyen Kim Son - Secretary of Party Committee, President of VNU-HN; Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hai - Vice President of VNU-HN; Mr. Vu Minh Giang - Chairman of the VNU-HN Council on Science and Academic Affairs; Mr. Furuta Motoo - Rector of VJU; Representatives of departments of VNU-HN, representatives of leaders of VJU and JICA experts of VJU project.

Speaking at the ceremony, VNU-HN President Nguyen Kim Son emphasized: “During the development and establishment of VJU, VNU-HN has received support and assistance from many organizations and individuals in Viet Nam and Japan, including significant contributions from businessmen of the two countries, naming Mr. Yoshida Masaaki." The President hopes that Mr. Yoshida Masaaki will continue to work with VNU-HN and contribute further to realizing the goals of VJU, as well as towards enhancing the Japan-Viet Nam relationship through training the young generation with advanced standards and progressive values.

Appreciating the personal efforts and initiatives of Mr. Yoshida Masaaki, Mr. Nagai Katsuro - Envoy of the Japan Embassy in Vietnam shared: “When I first took office in Vietnam, the VJU project started to be initiated and in infancy. The development and achievements of today can be accounted for the great contributions of Mr. Yoshida Masaaki. "

Mr. Takebe Tsutomu recalled the establishment of VJU and congratulated Mr. Yoshida Masaaki

A colleague, taking the lead in forming the idea and advocating the Japanese Government to support the establishment of VJU, Takebe Tsutomu said: “It was the Former Japanese Prime Minister Koizumu Junichiro that introduced Mr. Yoshida Masaaki to me and said that the combination of a person with good understanding of Vietnam and a person with desire to cooperate with Vietnam would create ideas for cooperation between the two countries. It can be said that without the initiative and efforts of Mr. Yoshida Masaaki, it is unlikely to have VJU today. "

Mr. Yoshida Masaaki shared his enthusiasm in the establishment of VJU and thanked VNU-HN's recognition.

Being touched in receiving the Medal, Mr. Yoshida Masaaki shared: “When looking for any partner, I rely on three factors: Harmony in culture and history, open to learning and progress of staff, and support and collaboration of leadership. I find all of these three factors in Vietnam, thus it is always my wish to find Vietnamese partners. And it is a blessing and a privilege for me when at the national level, I was able to contribute to the cooperation between the two countries through the establishment of VJU. "

Rector of VJU, Mr. Furuyo Motoo, presented flowers to Mr. Yoshida Masaaki

The Ceremony took place in a respectful and friendly atmosphere, reflecting the interest and recognition of VNU-HN with the contribution of Japanese individuals and organizations to the establishment and development of VJU, contributing to promoting and deepening cooperation in the relationship between Vietnam and Japan.

After more than 40 years since the establishment of diplomatic relation (1973-2015), the relationship Vietnam and Japan have developed comprehensively in all aspects. In 2009, the relationship between the two countries have been elevated to “strategic partners,” expressing confidence in politics, and reflecting the comprehensive development in all fields.

Japan is a developed country with proven strengths in education, science and technology. Japan is also home to many prestigious universities in the world. In the socio-economic development of Vietnam, Japan has always held a particularly important position and role. In 2015, Japan was the leading donor of Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Vietnam and the second largest provider of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Vietnam.

Nearly 30 years after the Reform, Vietnam has accomplished many socio-economic achievements. However, economic growth in recent years has been slowing down, and Vietnam is at the verge of falling for middle-income trap. To achieve high and continual growth rates over the next decade, Vietnam needs new development dynamics grounded from science and technology, and high quality human resources.

In this context, the establishment of VJU carries meaningful connotation. The University is expected to create a new momentum for Vietnam's socio-economic development as well as contribute to increase the investment values of Japanese businesses in Vietnam. The University is also expected to become a cultural and academic exchange center between Vietnam and Japan.


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