Japanese items donation from JICA experts to VJU

Friday, March 15, 2019

Many Japanese precious items were donated to VJU by JICA experts who have been working in VJU for a while. Their expectation is spreading Japanese culture values to generations of VJU.

Prof. Katsura shared about the story of each items

Prof. Ryotaro Katsura, who is currently lecturer at Master’s Program in Public Policy shared about his grandfather that his grandpa was a collector of ancient Japanese items. He had been doing this for a long time, which is not his hobby, but the endless passion of keeping traditional culture value for younger generation.

When his grandpa passed away, Prof. Katsura is the one who continue his grandpa’s work. Now, he decided to donate his family work to VJU. Prof. Katsura said that this is a great honor for him to help VJU enrich Japanese culture items and spread their values to young generation who studies at VJU so that they can understand Japanese culture well as well.   

Alongside with Prof. Katsura, this time, Dr. Shinobu Aibara, a Japanese language lecturer and Mr. Asada, a JICA expert donated their family belongings, Yukata and Kimono with the same expectation as Prof. Katsura. 


Prof. Ryotaro Katsura

Dr. Shinobu Aibara

JICA expert Koji Asada


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Japanese items donation from JICA experts...

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