Japanese Entreprises Seek For Adaptive Rather Than Outstanding Intelligent Talents

Monday, June 26, 2017

This is the approach to talent attraction of Mr. Toshiaki Koshimura, Director and Advisor of Tokyu Japan Corporation at the seminar entitled "Model of VJU graduates that Japanese enterprises desire?" shared on the afternoon of June 16, 2017, in the 4th lecture in a series of open lectures hosted so far in 2017 by Vietnam Japan University, VNU.

In his opening remarks at this special seminar, Mr. Furuta Motoo, VJU Rector, conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki for his great contribution to the establishment of Vietnam Japan University. Rector Furuta Motoo also emphasized the importance of this special lecture to the training orientation of VJU - i.e. training high quality human resources to meet the requirements of Japanese enterprises, especially the ones operating in Vietnam.

It is anticipated that the graduates of this Masters program in Climate Change and Development will play an influential role in shaping and contributing to the critical climate change and development capacity building efforts. 
These graduates will be able to offer a unique international perspective and insight having emerged from a program that is set in a country likely to face many of the potential impacts from climate change ranging from increased floods, droughts and hurricanes as well as coastal flooding and salinity intrusion due to sea level rise.

Photo: Rector Furuta Motoo delivering opening remarks

On behalf of the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam, Mr. Nagai Katsuro - Envoy, Head of the Economic Board of the Embassy, conveyed the Embassy’s appreciation for the academic exchange activities conducted by VJU in equipping students with useful knowledge and promoting cultural exchanges between the two countries as well as bridging Vietnamese students to Japanese entrepreneurs.

Photo: Mr. Nagai Katsuro addressing the seminar

Following the opening remarks of VJU Rector and H.E Envoy, Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki started his special lecture. The lecture composed of two parts: The first part was on Tokyu’s business strategy in the context of Japan’s socio-economic transformation; The second part was about the model of VJU graduates that Japanese enterprises desire.

Firstly, Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki introduced Tokyu Corporation with incredible statistics such as the impressive sales revenue of Yen 1117.3 billion in 2016, operating profit of Yen 77.9 billion, of which revenues from public traffic business accounts for 18.6% of the total revenues and 34.2% of the operating profits. Tokyu owns the largest passenger rail line in Japan and the Corporation’s real estate business accounts for 15.4% of revenue and 38.3% of profit. In addition, Tokyu also operates in service businesses and 2 affiliated schools, and significant contributions to the community via facilities such as Environmental Resources Fund, International Student Fund, Workforce Development Institute, etc.

Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki briefed experts, lecturers and students present at the seminar through 95-year journey of Tokyu Corporation, milestones, or ups and downs amid the Japanese economy’s post-World War depression. In particular, Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki introduced the Tama Denen project along the railways, where Tolyu successfully transformed an area of only 40,000 locals into a residential area of 600,000 people, this remains an important project until today in the Corporation’s development. Building upon experience accumulated from the construction of Tama Denen in Japan, Tokyu Corporation has deployed this model in Binh Duong city.

Photo: Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki delivering special lecture

Next, Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki presented charts and figures showing Vietnam’s GDP growth over the recent years, Japan’s FDI inflows into Vietnam, and Vietnam’s demographic structure, now and in the future. By pointing out common features between Vietnam and what Japan has experienced in previous decades, Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki affirmed that Vietnam is in a golden era of economic development with young and abundant labor force.

At the beginning of the second part, which was also the highlight of the lecture, Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki asserted, "We, Japanese businesses, do not demand outstanding intelligent talents but we seek for adaptive talents”. In illustrating adaptability, Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki cited two examples of Japan. The first example is about the use of experience and field surveys to make conclusions about the safety of tunnel excavation layers for the Shinkansen area. The second example is about the nuclear power plant. Although it had been thoroughly researched, incomplete geological survey and the failure to project countermeasures against the tsunami has led to nuclear disasters in 2011. In addition, Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki also shared his own practical experience to emphasize the importance of modern history knowledge, which is hardly found in textbooks, in helping him come up with sustainable business decisions in the long run.

Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki’s advice for VJU students include: 

1.     It is advisable that students study Laws related to Labor Management, Financial Management and other Laws because they are really helpful in your work at Japanese businesses.

2.     After advancing to senior management of a company, you have to manage many employees or departments. In this position, you need to be a person with rich social knowledge and interpersonal skills so that more partners will want to work with you. At this time, extensive background knowledge will help you in the field of management.

3.     Communication, initiative taking mindset, flexible problem solving skills. For Vietnamese students, it is important to learn Japanese to communicate, expand your career path and increase your chances of working in Japan. For those who want to make their way up to higher managerial positions, risk management capacity is required. Risk management in this context includes natural disaster risk and operational risk management.

Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki also shared three things that helped him improve risk management capacity, namely books, friends and trips.

In closing, the key take-away Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki wanted to be engraved in students’ mind is that "the knowledge learned in the school and required social skills are not necessarily the same”, and one’s success is defined by the richness and diversity of knowledge acquired, not just professional knowledge.

Photo: A student raising question after the special lecture of Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki

Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki’s special lecture has attracted wide attention of current and potential students of VJU. Questions raised after the lecture focused on the success factors of the Tokyu Corporation, talent retention strategy, selection criteria of contractors in Vietnam, success factors behind Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki’s promotion and Tokyu Corporation’s potential support for universities in Vietnam in general and VJU in particular.

After the engaging Q & A session, Mr. Takebe Tsutomu, Special Advisor to the Japan-Viet Nam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance gave a keynote speech conveying his thanks and appreciation for the experience and knowledge shared by Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki. Mr. Takebe Tsutomu set high hopes on VJU, the first university in Vietnam to pursue liberal arts education and sustainable education, and urged students to join hands in developing VJU into an "the Asian Harvard”.

In closing the seminar, Rector Furuta Motoo delivered a speech of appreciation for the stories shared by Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki during his special lecture, and thanked Mr. Tsutomu Takebe for honoring VJU with his presence. Moreover, the Rector also expressed his desire for VJU students to learn a broad vision in urban management so as not only to reduce traffic congestion but also to change the urban lifestyle.

In the end, the Rector presented flowers and gifts to Mr. Toshiaki Koshimura. Mr. Takebe Tsutomu joined in photo shooting with VJU’s current and potential students.

Photo: Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki met and had photo shooting with faculty and students of VJU

Mr. Koshimura Toshiaki’s lecture on "The model of VJU graduates that Japanese enterprises desire” is part of the series of open lectures held by VJU started in December 2016. The lectures are expected to expand the vision, innovative thinking, professionalism and entrepreneurship of Vietnamese youth in general and VJU students in particular.

VJU, VNUHN is receiving the second batch of applications for the master’s programs opening in September 2017 including: Nanotechnology; Infrastructure Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Public Policy; Area Studies; Business Administration; Climate Change & Development.



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