International perspectives on the development of science and technology activities

Sunday, March 31, 2019

On 16 March 2019, International Workshop “Development of science and technology activities at research institutes and international universities - Experiences from regional countries” was held at the VJU.

The workshop was co-organized by VNU - Vietnam Japan University; VNU Asia Research Centre's (VNU-ARC); Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and Ritsumeikan University. The objective of the workshop is sharing experiences in developing science and technology activities, especially R&D activities; promoting cooperation between universities, research institutes and businesses; developing networks and strengthen cooperation between international universities and research institutes in the region.

Science - technology activities from the perspective of the research-oriented university

Opening in 2016 with training and research activities focusing on the areas of advanced technology and interdisciplinary science, VJU received strong support from the governments of Vietnam and Japan, Vietnam National University and Japanese partner universities. Each ongoing training and research program at VJU is jointly developed and operated with at least one partner university - a co-coordinated university in Japan, such as: University of Tokyo, Osaka University, University of Tsukuba, Yokohama National University, Ritsumeikan University, Waseda University, Ibaraki University.

Prof. Furuta Motoo

As the first rector of VJU, Prof. Furuta Motoo is also the former Deputy Director of University of Tokyo, chairman of the Japanese Association of Southeast Asian Studies, chairman of Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association. Through many years of studying Vietnamese history, Prof. Furuta Motoo is the world's leading expert on Vietnam's modern and political history with a typical project “Vietnam’s Famine in 1945 - Historical evidence”, co-editor with Prof. Van Tao, which was awarded the National Prize in Science and Technology in 2010. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate from Vietnam National University in 2003 and also a person who contributed substantially to promoting the idea of establishing VJU.

Prof. Jun Nakajima, special advisor to the rector of VJU, introduced about the research activities of the university

Sharing about VJU - the research-oriented university, Prof. Furuta said: “The Vietnamese and Japanese governments work together to create a university that brings new values ​​to the world, based on a parallel cooperation between a developed Japan and a dynamic Vietnam - a country that has developed strongly both politically, economically and socially in recent years.

The university’s activities all aims at promoting the sustainable development of each entity in society, every country or human society in general. VJU has developed the field of a new science model - Sustainable Science to promote the sustainable development. In training, VJU has promoted the philosophy of liberal education to train suitable human resources to adapt to the rapid change of modern society.

Learners, lecturers, researchers are the center of the university

Dr. Nguyen Hoang Oanh, the VJU Vice Rector said the learners, lecturers and researchers are placed in the center of the university's activities. All the training programs of VJU pay special attention to ensure the quality of training and promoting the research activities of students. This is one of the core measures for students to train themselves and have good development orientation after graduation.

Dr. Nguyen Hoang Oanh, Vice Rector of VJU

VJU not only trains under the issued training program but also organizes many extracurricular activities such as special lectures, guest lectures with famous scientists, politicians and entrepreneurs around the world or taking students to be interns at Japanese universities, institutes, organizations and businesses domestically and in Japan. Especially, VJU students have the opportunity to practice in Japan with full scholarship from one to four months.

VJU also encourages and facilitates students to participate in research projects and researches of Japanese and Vietnamese professors working at VJU or at VJU partner universities.

Cooperation in developing scientific and technological activities between Japan and Malaysia

From the Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), a cooperative unit between Malaysia and Japan to promote scientific and technological research activities, Prof. Ali Selamat shared a lot about the development model as well as the perspective of a cohesive ASEAN, jointly developing science and technology activities.

Prof. Ali Selamat

Prof. Ali Selamat shared MJIIT was established in 2010, a member of UTM. MJIIT is driven by a combination of Malaysian education and advanced research from Japanese education.

Although the development history is not long, MJIIT has established 20 laboratories with modern equipment, providing a good learning and research environment for students. Here, with the support of experts, professors from Japan and Malaysia, students gain a comprehensive knowledge and understand what they need to cultivate for their own development.

The model “Techno producer” from Ritsumeikan University

Ritsumeikan University is one of Japan's top 3 private universities for quality training and research. Prof. Yoshihiko Nakatani, Deputy Executive Director of Research Strategy and Cooperation Department of the university, said the university is currently implementing an effective support model for "Techno Producers", creating a large number of products. Scientific research and technology application are based on close cooperation between research institutions and enterprises.

Prof. Yoshihiko Nakatani


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