Innovation – How VJU students win Quest Career in Hanoi 2017

Saturday, November 11, 2017

On 5 November 2017, five students from the second cohort of Master's program in Area Studies (Japanese study) of Vietnam Japan University (VJU), Vietnam National University, Hanoi beat 300 competitors and won the first prize of the Quest Career in Hanoi 2017 - an event organized by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.

The VJU students have successfully persuaded the Council of Business with their initiative at the Quest Career in Hanoi 2017. To address the problem "Creating unique and potential product for Vietnam market by Inoac’s technologies”, requested by Inoac Corporate, one of the leading manufacturers of advanced materials, they discussed and prepared in two hours then introduced their initiative of high-tech napkin, which is a new product basically made from the four fabrics, namely urethane, plastic, rubber and synthetic material. This product not only fulfills its function of cleaning food-serving items like other normal napkins but also warns the users of hazardous agents in the food and its utensils to facilitate the consumer’s quick verification of food safety. Detail information of the food will be analyzed in a mobile app.

In the view of VJU students, this is one of the thriving trends in the future. . This initiative was developed based on the combination of the students’ knowledge about Inoac Corporate and their daily observation, statistic data on napkin consumption of Vietnamese people as well as the hot issue of food safety in Vietnam. VJU students successfully convinced representatives of Japanese companies and won the first prize of the Quest thanks to their solid foundation knowledge, excellent technological application and understanding of Inoac’s business philosophy.

Photo: VJU students won the Quest Career in Hanoi 2017

In his comment to the performance of VJU students, Mr. Kan Suzuki - Adviser to the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan said: "The product of VJU students is developed to meet the simple demand of daily life for which solutions have not been given due attention. Their innovation in the area that seems infeasible to improve gives us strong impression and meets the innovation requirement of the Quest Career”.

After the competition, VJU students shared that the keys to their success were careful preparation, good team work and enthusiastic supports given by VJU lecturers.

On behalf of VJU team in Quest Career in Hanoi 2017, Nguyen Quang Dieu - Team Leader conveyed their sincere thanks to VJU lecturers for their encouragement and provision of useful information during preparation period.

Photo: Nguyen Quang Dieu, VJU Team Leader and other team members in their meeting with Prof. Furuta Motoo - VJU Rector.

It is worth mentioning that though the team has not studied for long in VJU, the advice of the lecturers from the presentations in class helped them to improve their presentation skills which significantly contributed to the team’s success in the quest. "We committed quite a lot of mistakes when we first made the presentations in class. Our lecturers commented and advised us the tactics to improve our skills and to ensure the quantitative and qualitative presentations. We applied these methods in our presentation in the Quest” - said Nguyen Quang Dieu, VJU Team Leader.

In his congratulation to the success of VJU students of Master program in Area Studies, Prof. Furuta Motoo - VJU Rector appraised their efforts and expressed his hope that they will maintain such determination in learning to get further successes in the future.

Photo: VJU Team in Quest Career in Hanoi 2017 with Prof. Furuta Motoo - VJU Rector, Dr. Nguyen Hoang Oanh - VJU Vice Rector and Dr. Ito Mariko, VJU Lecturer

The incredible win of VJU students in Quest Career in Hanoi 2017 will motivate the participation of VJU students in other contests in the future.

Quest Career in Hanoi 2017 is an international event organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan to connect Vietnamese students with Japanese companies. This event was first held in 2015, and is developing both in terms of scope and enterprise’s requirements. This year it greeted speakers from four giant Japanese companies in Vietnam, namely Inoac, Acecook Viet Nam, Credit SaiSon, Daiwa House Industry. The winner would have a chance to win an internship in Japan, deliver their presentation in Quest Career Japan and meet with senior leaders of Inoac Corporate in its headquarter in Tokyo.

In Quest Career in Hanoi 2017, the influencing leaders of Japanese companies acted as "lecturers” to share their experience and knowledge to Vietnamese students. They shared stories on enthusiastic working environment in Japanese companies, future developments and aspirations that will be realized with the close cooperation and experience exchange between Vietnam and Japan. The students then formed working groups to address the assigned tasks and present their plan in Japanese to the enterprises’ representatives.



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