Graduated from an American college with a double major degree and chose VJU for further studies

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Tran Huong Giang, the 4th Intake student, studied in the United States and obtained her two bachelor degrees in Economics and East Asian Studies. For her further studying, she chose to come back Vietnam and study at VJU as the first Intake of Master's Program in Global Leadership. 

Tran Huong Giang, the 1st Intake of the Master's Program in Global Leadership 

The following message will contain special thoughts of Tran Huong Giang who was the representative of the 4th Intake students sharing about her reason of coming back Vietnam and studying at VJU at VJU Opening Ceremony 2019/2020. 

"My name is Giang, from Master of Global Leadership program. I’m very honored to stand here today representing all VJU Intake 4 students, to share some of my thoughts on this very special occasion – the opening ceremony for school year 2019-2020.

A bit of background on myself – I graduated from an American college with a double major in Economics and East Asian Studies. I first heard of the Vietnam Japan University about 2 years ago. My brother is currently a student at Vietnam National University, so the name just naturally came up at some point in our conversation. I was fascinated by the school’s philosophy of combining sustainability into a liberal arts education but at the time there wasn’t a program suitable for my personal future goals and career needs. That’s why this year when MGL program opens, I immediately decided to apply. And so --- here I am today.

As a member of the incoming 4th Intake, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Board for designing a wide variety of Master’s programs in response to student’s desire for academic research as well as self-improvement. The VJU curriculum, in my opinion, sets itself apart from all other higher-education programs offered in Vietnam through the unique advantage of combining the essence of Japanese language and culture with the flexible and innovative nature Vietnamese are known for.

Last week we had fun together during an unforgettable Orientation Week. That was only a start, we are eager for more to come, to experience classes and deadlines all over again. But this time, I look forward to being immersed in the VJU atmosphere which is made up from a “cooperative”, “creative”, “innovative” and “ground-breaking” spirit. I believe we are here today because all of us have decided to put our trust in VJU, in an education where what we learn are measured against the highest Japanese standards. We will certainly not be disappointed.

VJU is a good place to develop and sharpen students’ academic and personal qualifications. With a solid knowledge foundation, walking out these doors, each of us will be able to lead in our respective fields of expertise.

I would like to take this moment to express our collective gratitude to the Governments of Vietnam and Japan for your continued strong support to raise the quality of education at VJU. Our thanks to the financial backing from corporations of both countries as well as the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) which have enabled scholarships and financial aid packages for VJU students. This is a great source of motivation for us to work even harder everyday.

Our gratitude also goes to the warm welcome and enormous support we have received since Day 1 from the professors and staffs at VJU, down to the cleaning lady and the gatekeeper. Through your example, we are encouraged to also better ourselves and contribute to building a Japanese environment here at VJU.

With so many advantages and support from both sides of the aisle, I am certain VJU will continue to be a success, promoting quality education and cultural values not only in Vietnam but also globally.

On a closing note, I think I speak on behalf of all the students from Intake 4, that we will certainly treasure the 2 years at VJU. We hope to receive the support from both VJU’s professors and staffs to make the most out of this opportunity to learn and ready ourselves for whatever challenges the future might bring.

Thank you,"


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