For VJU graduates of 2019

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

On July 20, 72 students of the 2nd Intake received their master’s degrees at VJU Graduation Ceremony 2019. The graduates are from 6 master’s programs in Business Administration, Public Policy, Nanotechnology, Environmental Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering and Area Studies.

Professor Furuta Motoo giving a speech to the graduates

In his speech, the Rector of VJU Professor Furuta Motoo lauded the graduates’ success of learning and researching throughout the past 2 years.

“Two years ago, you decided to come to a completely new academic environment in Vietnam, Vietnam Japan University. You are the second intake so I think that you will be able to study in a more stable environment, but at the same time, face many other pressures compared to the first intake student.

In the past 2 years, you have had to learn many new things such as sustainable development thinking, interdisciplinary knowledge, Japanese culture and language, deep expertise and adaptive skills in the era of globalization.

I admire your bravery, effort and creativity. I am proud that you have proactively planned your future commencing from graduation. I know that there are now 7 students who have received full doctoral scholarships in Japan and Canada, 19 of you officially received jobs in Vietnamese and Japanese enterprises, universities and agencies. Other students are waiting for the results of applying for full-time doctoral scholarships abroad and the results of applying to Japanese and Vietnamese enterprises.

Two years ago during the Opening Ceremony I said “Postgraduate education is not mounding a student in an existing pattern, but combine many different characteristics to make every one of you flourish.”

Two years passed, today 72 flowers of different colors are blooming on the flower garden of Vietnam Japan University. I believe that after graduation, you continue to enrich the Vietnam Japan University flower garden by your own color - your own personality. That is the liberal art education philosophy at Vietnam Japan University.

Now, before the commencement ceremony, I would like to talk to you three things:

Firstly, for human society in general, Vietnamese society and Japanese society in particular, seeking sustainable development is a fundamental issue. You are not separate individuals but part of society and community. Your development should be linked to social progress and community development. In your career and life, you need to grow for harmony in the relationships between people and nature, between short-term goals and long-term goals, between past and future, between personal interests and social benefits.

Secondly, Vietnam Japan University is a symbol of good cooperation between Vietnam and Japan so you are part of that symbol. In the past 3 years, through the training of 130 talented students for the two countries, Vietnam Japan University has contributed significantly to developing that relationship. I hope you will be ambassadors connecting the two people and being examples of the cultural and spiritual values of Japan and Vietnam.

Thirdly, I hope you continue to contribute to the development of Vietnam Japan University after graduation. The university always welcomes you back to inspire and create opportunities for career development for the next generation of students. I suggest you to actively promote the good image of the university in society and community.”

The President of Vietnam National University Nguyen Kim Son

The ceremony featured the addresses by the President of Vietnam National University Nguyen Kim Son, the Special Advisor to the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Association Tsutomu Takebe and the Senior Vice President of ANA Holdings Corporation (ANAHD) Koji Shibata.

The President of Vietnam National University Nguyen Kim Son shared his joyful feeling for the graduates and VJU “Today, at the Nguyen Van Dao hall which is named after the professor founding Vietnam National University, we organize a nice commencement ceremony to 72 graduates. This is a great and happy day for 72 students who passed the time of learning and practicing and achieved results in the end, for the teachers who has contributed effortlessly to the success of their students, for Vietnam Japan University having a second class of graduation and has become more mature in strengthening cooperation relations between Vietnam and Japan.”

VJU Honorary Rector To Huy Rua

Special Advisor to the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Association Tsutomu Takebe

Senior Vice President of ANA Holdings Corporation (ANAHD) Koji Shibata

72 graduates of 2019

VJU Graduation Ceremony 2019



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