First 'Vietnamese Speaking Contest for Japanese Students' Held at Vietnam Japan University

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The first "Vietnamese Speaking Contest for Japanese students” was held on December 12, 2017 with the participation of Japanese students  in Vietnam as well as VJU faculty members and students .

In the competition, Japanese students from a number of Hanoi-based universities had delivered five presentations.  "Vietnamese Fairy Tales” is the concept of the competition. At the event, Japanese participants were required to tell a full folk tale in Vietnamese. This is not an easy task, as they need to understand the plot of and Sino-Vietnamese words used in folk tales as well as  speak with clear pronunciation.  Their hard efforts, together with wholehearted support of VJU students, help them to tell the tales with confidence. Some participants even creatively employed animation in their presentations to appeal to audience.

 Winner of this contest is Ms. Shuna Nishigaki, an exchange student of Osaka University to Hanoi University, who narrated the tale of "Con rồng cháu tiên” (The Dragon and the Fairy).

 VJU Rector Furuta Motoo presents the First Prize to Ms Shuna Nishigaki.

VJU Rector Furuta Motoo said: "This is a great contest not only for Japanese students, but also VJU ones. They were given a chance to present Vietnam's cultural values to international friends”.

 Ms Maho Shiono couldn’t contain her excitement, saying that "I’m so thankful for VJU students, who helped me a lot to finish my presentation”. This contest is a memory I will never forget. More than anything, I have made special friends out of this contest”.

The "Vietnamese Speaking Contest for Japanese students” is one of many cultural exchange activities organized by VJU for its students to develop skills and friendship with foreign counterparts”. 



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