Delegation from Mie Prefecture Visited and Discussed Cooperation Opportunities with VJU

Monday, November 28, 2016

The delegation, led by Governor of Mie Prefecture - Mr. Eikei Suzuki, includes more than 50 representatives from the Prefecture’s authorities, organizations and enterprises operating in Mie (Japan) and in Vietnam. On behalf of Vietnam Japan University, Prof. Furuta Motoo - Rector, and Mr. Satoru Kohiyama - Chief Advisor of JICA in Vietnam Japan University project, welcome the delegation.

VJU’s Rector – Prof. Furuta Motoo welcoming the delegation and speaking of the potential of the relationship and cooperation between Mie Prefecture and VJU

Governor Eikei Suzuki giving an introduction of Mie Prefecture and objectives to promote the cooperation between Mie prefecture and VJU.

Mie prefecture is home to leading technology businesses and accounts for the largest volume of manufactured product exports (per capita) in Japan. As part of the visit to Vietnam, Mie Prefecture delegation expects to develop exchange activities between Vietnam and Japan and seek cooperation opportunities with education being at the heart of the cooperation.

Mr. Suzuki Eikei, who is also President of the International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer (ICETT), said: although Mie encountered significant environmental issues in the early 1960s as a result of the economic boom and development of the manufacturing industry, the people’s efforts and the use of modern technologies helped Mie successfully overcome such difficulties and challenges. Therefore, on environmental protection technology, Mie has valuable experience to share.

Environmental Engineering is one of the key programs provided by the Vietnam Japan University. In the future, to sustain economic development, Vietnam will have to address significant environmental challenges, which requires highly qualified human resources. The cooperation between VJU and Mie prefecture will enhance research and advanced technology transfer, human resource training in the field of environmental technology.

The meeting opens great opportunities for cooperation between VJU and Mie prefecture, including student exchange activities between VJU and Japanese universities; training; research and employment opportunities for VJU’s students at companies in Mie prefecture.

MIE is located in the south-east coast of the big Honshu Island in Japan, with a population of about 1.8 million people (ranked 24th among 47 provinces of Japan). Mie’s GDP reaches about 71 billion USD/year and the prefecture is strong in marine products, industry (transport equipment and machineries, electronics, chemicals, medical industry...), environmental technologies and tourism.


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