Comprehensive Partnership Agreement Signing Ceremony with ANA Holdings

Friday, September 21, 2018

Comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam Japan University and ANA Holdings Inc. opens wide range of opportunities for Vietnamese student's further career in aviation industry. 

At the signing ceremony of Comprehensive Partnership Agreement between Vietnam Japan University and ANA Holdings Inc, ANA Holdings Inc. Senior Vice-President Koji Shibata emphasized: "Vietnam Japan University plays an important role not only in friendship between Vietnam and Japan but also in Asia and the world.”

ANA Holdings is the largest aviation company in Japan and one of the most prestigious all over the world. To represent this achievement, ANA Holding always sets the target of seeking and training high qualified human resources, followed by the Kaizen philosophy – "Continuous improvement”.

Senior Vice President Koji Shibata is also impressed by the philosophy that Vietnam Japan University’s following towards liberal arts and sustainable development. Shibata said: "The slogan "Change Asia, challenge the world" listed by Vietnam Japan University is exactly what sets the spirit and thought of our foundation which started 65 years ago as a small domestic airline company.”

ANA Holdings Inc. Senior Vice President Koji Shibata

Right before the signing ceremony, Vietnam Japan University student had a chance to participate in ANA internship program at ANA office at Noi Bai Airport, which is a great opportunity for the students experiencing authentic setting of the professional aviation company.

Rector of Vietnam Japan University Furuta Motoo recalled that: "In August, our students participated in ANA internship program. There were 03 students from our school during the internship, and we learned that the students have received a comprehensive cooperation which is really a great program. Also, I have heard that students learn a lot of practical things.”

Also, Rector Furuta emphasized that ANA Holdings Inc. always shows the company endeavors to develop culture and education in Vietnam such as the Okazaki Kaheita International Scholarship Fund, named Okazaki Kaheita, a scholarship fund that supports the development of human resources in Asia.

Comprehensive Partnership Agreement between Vietnam Japan University and ANA Holdings Inc.

Participating at the ceremony, President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi Nguyen Kim Son said: "I am very impressed by the comprehensive agreement between Vietnam Japan University and ANA Holdings. I fully trust this agreement will provide the opportunity for managers, scientists and students to learn, experience the business philosophy, leadership thinking, technological advances and service quality of a world leading corporation in aviation industry.”

VJU will have a transformative impact on society through continual innovation in education, research, creativity, and entrepreneurship. society.

President  of Vietnam National University, Hanoi Nguyen Kim Son

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan in Vietnam Umeda Kunio

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan in Vietnam Umeda Kunio said: "Vietnam-Japan University is an international university founded on the agreement between the two countries' leaders. This is a symbolic project for of Vietnam and Japan. During the official visit to Japan in June this year by Vietnam President Tran Dai Quang, the two leaders agreed on the following agreement that Vietnam-Japan University is a symbolic project on human resources development cooperation between the two countries and will work together to open a world class university based on a strong financial 

The ANA Group is an airline that develops a global network of routes and has facilities in a variety of locations. The use of these resources to support Vietnam-Japan University not only helps ANA Group improve the quality of vocational training.


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