Cooperation and Exchange Student between VJU and Kanazawa University

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

On February 11 2019, VJU and Kanazawa University Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in order to strengthen the bonds of goodwill and collaboration between the two universities.

VJU student of 2nd Intake of Master's Program in Infrastructure Engineering participated in her internship program in Kanazawa University (The girl, 2nd row from bottom, 3rd place from the right to left)

Following the agreement, the two universities shall accept up to five exchange students per year. An exchange activity is called the Exchange Program between VJU and Kanazawa University has been approved, which shall start in either April or October at Kanazawa University, and in September or January at VJU in which students (as non-degree students) who are academically prepared to benefit from the Exchange Program, and recommended by the home university to the host university.

Fee for tuition, enrollment, and the entrance examination at the host university will be waived.

Beside the Exchange Program, two universities agreed on exchange of faculty members and research fellows; Exchange of academic materials, publications, and information; Conducting joint research projects and organization of symposiums; Other activities that contribute to the development of academic and educational exchange.



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