“Chances - Challenges - Changes” - A Key Message to VJU Students

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Impressive and insightful is how Vietnam Japan University students describe the lecture "History of Vietnam Japan University” delivered by Mr. Takebe Tsutomu, a special advisor to the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance on the afternoon of December the 8th.

For over two hours, Mr. Tsutomu Takebe, who "has significantly contributed to the formation of the Vietnam Japan University”, shared with the 1st cohort of VJU students the story of the friendship between Vietnamese and Japanese politicians, the ideal of a new Asia, Vietnam - Japan relationship, ideas, philosophy and the process behind VJU’s formation. This is the first out of a series of open lectures at VJU. 

Participants include Mr. Umeda Kunio - Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Tanaka Yasushi - Director General of Private Sector Partnership and Finance Department, JICA, Mr. Fujita Yasuo - Chief Representative of JICA Vietnam Office; Mr. To Huy Rua - Member of the Politburo, Head of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Organization, the Chairman of Vietnam - Japan Friendship Association, VJU’s Rector of Honor, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hai - Vice President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU HN), Mr. Furuta Motoo - VJU Rector and all managerial staff, faculty and students of VJU.

" Chance - Challenge - Change” - a key message to the students

In his lecture, Mr. Takebe Tsutomu shared about VJU’s formation and development, future plans and expectations of the two Governments for VJU and its students. 

Mr. Takebe Tsutomu asserted in his lecture:

"The next era belongs to Asia. The world is changing, so is Asia and VJU will be among the drives behind such changes. VJU will nurture knowledge in a multi-religious, multi-national and multi-cultural environment, realizing peace and prosperity. The symbol of this ideal is the Vietnam Japan University, the first graduate school in the world to adopt sustainable science as the mainstream guideline”, Mr. Tsutomu Takebe shared.

In the Q&A session, he said Japan’s leading universities such as Tokyo University and Hokkaido University also started from nothing. Therefore, a university’s prospect does not lie in facilities or policies but rather, in efforts and development of every student. Mr. Takebe Tsutomu conveyed 3 Cs "Chance –Challenge– Change” to students as a message to urge them to make VJU "the Asian Harvard”.

Mr. Umeda Kunio - Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam

On behalf of the Japanese government, Ambassador Kunio Umeda once again highlighted VJU as a symbol of Vietnam - Japan relationship and made a commitment to continue to cooperate with Vietnamese agencies through JICA, in developing VJU into a leading university of Vietnam and the region.

The "pioneer” of VJU Project

Prof. Dr. Motoo Furuta, VJU Rector spoke on behalf of the university and thanked Mr. Takebe Tsutomu for accepting the invitation to become the guest speaker in the open lecture series. According to Prof. Furuta, Mr. Takebe Tsutomu is among the pioneers in developing VJU and thus, have the closest insight into the university.

Prof. Dr. Furuta Motoo, VJU Rector

The Vice President of VNU HN Nguyen Hoang Hai also underscored VJU’s role in Vietnam - Japan Friendship and paid tribute to Mr. Takebe Tsutomu for his substantial contribution into the University’s formation.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hai, Vice President of VNU HN

Mr. To Huy Rua, VJU’s Rector of Honor and also the one who introduced Mr. Takebe Tsutomu to the Vietnamese Government expressed his admiration and fondness for his best friend, both for his knowledge, political experience and ceaseless efforts in nurturing the relationship between the two countries.

Mr. To Huy Rua, VJU’s Rector of Honor

Mr. Takebe Tsutomu’s lecture has made a great impact in motivating and inspiring all VJU students. Some feedback: It is an eye opening lecture to help me better understand the university where I can be proudly one of the first students. Learning and researching today is not only to grow ourselves; more than that, future success of every single student will help to enhance VJU’s prestige. We reckon this as responsibility, motivation and pride at the same time.

Open lecture series - insightful knowledge for all interested parties

According to Dr. Nguyen Hoang Oanh, the University’s Vice Rector:"The open lecture series will be held on a regular basis with the aim of providing in-depth, multidimensional analysis, academic knowledge, and research updates on current scientific, economic, political, and social excitement.”

VJU expects the open lecture series will bridge the world leading politicians, managers, scholars, scientists from different fields to VJU faculty, students and all other interested parties.

The lectures will bring the knowledge and experiences of the world to young people in Vietnam in general and VJU students in particular, which opens their opportunities to expand their horizons, develop innovative thinking, improve expertise, entrepreneurship and exposure to the fine cultural values.


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