Admission to Master’s Programs in 2019

Monday, January 14, 2019

VNU - Vietnam Japan University is a high quality university that is established under strong supports from the Government of Vietnam and Japan. VJU possesses a board network of partner universities which are prestigious universities in Japan such as the University of Tokyo, Osaka University, University of Tsukuba, Yokohama National University, Ritsumeikan University, Waseda University, Ibaraki University…

In 2019, VNU - Vietnam Japan University announces admission to its 7 master’s programs as follows:


1. Master’s programs and admission quotas


Master’s Programs



Public Policy






Area Studies



Infrastructure Engineering



Environmental Engineering



Business Administration



Climate Change and Development


2. Admission Schedule




1st Admission

2nd Admission


Receive applications

Mar 18th 2019

July 19th 2019


Announce the list of candidates for interview

Mar 22nd 2019

July 24th 2019


Interview candidates

Mar 28th to 31st 2019

July 26th to 31st 2019


Announce the results of interview

Apr 4th 2019

August 3rd 2019


Organize supplementary knowledge courses

Aug 2019


Opening Ceremony

Sep 2019

3. Methods of Admission: applications screening and interview

4. Location and duration of training

- Duration of training: 2 years

- Location of training: Vietnam Japan University, Luu Huu Phuoc street, My Dinh 1, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi city.


1. Qualification and working experience requirements

- Requirements on degree and working experience of applicants are detailed in the Annex 1.

- Applicants who are expecting to receive their degree before 15th September 2019 are allowed to apply and supplement the required documents before the official enrollment.

2. Language requirements

* English language proficiency requirements

The applicants must show English language proficiency that meets one of the following requirements (see Annex 2):

a) Holding an English certificate corresponds to the Vietnam’s 6-level foreign language ability framework as follows:

+ For Master’s programs in Public Policy and Business Administration: English certificate must be equivalent to the level of 4/6 (B2)

+ For Master’s programs in Nanotechnology; Infrastructure Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Area Studies; Climate Change and Development: English certicate must be equivalent to the level of 3/6 (B1). After one year studying in VJU, students must submit English certificate of the level of 4/6 (B2) to be recognized as official students of the university.

b) Holding a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD. degree from a full time training program in English language in countries where English is used as the official language. The degree must be recognized by the competent agencies in accordance with the applicable regulations;

c) Holding a bachelor’s degree from an advanced training program under MOET’s Project on advanced training in some Vietnamese universities; from an international standard/talented/high quality training programs of VNU.

d) Holding a bachelor’s degree in English language.

* Japanese language requirements for applicants registered for the master’s program in Area Studies (oriented Japanese studies)

The applicants must meet one of the following requirements in Japanese language proficiency: 

a) Holding a Japanese language certificate of at least JLPT N2.

b) Holding a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD. degree from a full time training program in Japanese language;

c) Holding a bachelor’s degree in Japanese language.

* Vietnamese language requirements for foreign applicants registered for the master’s program in Area Studies (oriented Vietnamese studies)

a) Holding a Vietnamese language certificate equivalent to the 4/6 of the Vietnamese language ability framework for foreigners issued by the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU or by an institution licensed by the Ministry of Education and Training;   

b) Holding a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD. Degree from a full time training program in Vietnamese language;

c) Holding a bachelor’s degree in Vietnamese language;

d) Holding a certificate of completion of the preparatory Vietnamese course offered by the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU or by an institution licensed by the Ministry of Education and Training for preparatory Vietnamese courses.

Note: The English, Japanese and Vietnamese certificates must be valid in 2 years since the exam date until the day of the application deadline.


3. Other requirements

- Having clear personal background, not being in the period of implementing sanctions from warning and higher levels;

- Having good health for study.

Note: The certificate must be valid at time of the application submission dealine and was issued by an institution recognized by the VNU (see Annex 2);


4. Application review and interview

- Interview schedule for both 1st and 2nd admission in the I.2 of the announcement. Based on the number of applicants and interviewees, time for interview will be arranged appropriately by the Admissions Board.

- Interview process: An applicant will have 10 – 30 minutes for preparation and 15 -30 minutes for interview. Applicants for Business Administration master’s program have 30 minutes to write an essay before interview.

- Language used for interview: Applicants will be interviewed in English. Applicants for Area Studies: Oriented Japanese studies will be interviewed in Japanese and Oriented Vietnamese studies will be interviewed in Vietnamese.

- Interview method: Subcommittees will ask questions directly and applicants will answer. The interview process will be recorded.

5. Admission requirements

- Minimum score for admission is 50 points (the highest score is 100) including application review, essay writing skill check (Business Administration) and interview results.

The list of successful applicants will be elected from the highest score applicants until:

   + Admission quotas be out of;

   + No applicant left in the list of candidates who are decided to be conditional enough for admission by the Admissions Board.

The entry score for Master’s programs will be calculated on the number of competent applicants who are chosen by the Admissions Board.

6. Announcement of the list of successful applicants and decision on the official student recognition

After the list of successful applicants are approved by the VNU, Vietnam Japan University will inform to the applicants and decide the list of official students of Master’s programs. Decision on the list of official students will be completed before 10 October 2019.


1. Application documents

  - Application forms are available at the Admission Office of Vietnam Japan University. The applicants may download application forms from the website of the university at

2. Receiving application documents

  - Applicants may submit application documents at the university or by post.

  - Location for application submission and contact information:

Admission Office, VNU Vietnam Japan University

Room 509, 5th Floor, My Dinh Campus

Luu Huu Phuoc Street, My Dinh 1 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam (In building C of Vietnam Australia International School)

Tel: (+84-4) 73066001 (Ext: 5093); Hotline: +84-966954736;


- Application receiving period: From Monday to Friday during office hours.


1. Fees

- Application fee: VND 500,000 (Five hundred thousand Vietnamese dong)

-Tuition fees for English/knowledge supplementary courses as regulations by VNU

- Admission fee: VND 1,800,000 (One million eight hundred thousand Vietnamese dong)

- Tuition fee: VND 75,000,000 (Seventy five million Vietnamese dong) for the 2-year master’s program.

2. Method of payment

All applicants shall be requested to pay the application fee when submitting the applications. The successful applicants must pay the admission fee and a part of tuition fee at their official enrollment.

Application fee payment could be made by one of the following modes:

a. Bank transfer to the following account:

Bank name:

Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam

Branch name:

Western Hanoi Branch

Account number:


Account name:

Vietnam - Japan University Management Board





Amount to be transferred:

VND 500,000

Transfer description:

Follow the syntax:

(Full name of the applicant) paid for the application fee for (Name of the applied master’s program according to the below acronyms)

Master of Public Policy: MPP

Master of Nanotechnology: MNT

Master of Infrastructure Engineering: MIE

Master of Environmental Engineering: MEE

Master of Area Studies: MAS

Master of Business Administration: MBA

Master of Climate Change and Development: MCCD

Example: Pham Chau Giang paid for the application fee for MEE

b. In cash at the Admission Office during the office hours.


- The admission fee does not include travel, meals and accommodation expenses during the stay for the entrance examination.

Admission Announcement 2019 and application form (Download Here)


Admission office, Vietnam Japan University, VNU

Address: R.509, 5th Floor, My Dinh Campus, Luu Huu Phuoc Street, My Dinh I Ward, Nam Tu Liem Distric, Hanoi.

Tel: (+84-4) 73 06 6001 (Ext. 5093)

Hotline: +84-966 954 736



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