Welfare State Lesson from Sweden

Friday, January 18, 2019

During Prof. Anders Lindbom lecture about "Swedish Welfare State” (Public Policy Seminar Series at VJU), so many lessons were learnt about the appropriate way young Vietnamese generation should learn and develop welfare state in the recent Vietnam.  

Public Policy Seminar Series is organized by the Master’s Program in Public Policy (MPP) of Vietnam Japan University (VJU). The main purpose of the seminar series is to introduce and engage researchers, policymakers, students and the public on public policy issues in Vietnam and the world. The seminars are open to all lecturers, staff, students and interested participants. It is also supposed an opportunity for students to engage with both academic researchers and policy-makers on diverse areas of public policy.
Prof. Anders Lindbom
Professor at Institute for Housing and Urban Research - Upsala University, Sweden

He has nine published articles in international refereed journals, among them Governance, Journal of Public Policy and Journal of European Public Policy; recently published a chapter in an Oxford University Press’ Handbook on Swedish politics: "The Importance of Policy Feedback: The Swedish Welfare State After Eight Years of Centre-Right Government” and another chapter called "FiscalSqueeze in Sweden in the 1990s” for Proceedings of the British Academy’s When the Party is Over: The Politics of Fiscal Squeeze in Perspective. Another recent article is "Waking up the Giant? Hospital Closures and Electoral Punishment in Sweden” inthe edited book How Welfare States Shape the Democratic Public.

In light of welfare state, Prof. Lindbom beforehand shared that: "In 2011 I published a textbook in Swedish, Systemskifte?. It describes and explains the development of the Swedish welfare state during the last twenty years. The argument is that the popularity of the welfare state makes retrenchment unfeasible. Although there has been change, it is fairly limited and it has not changed the basic characteristics of the Swedish welfare state. There is certainly political conflict about the welfare state, but the current centre-right government accepts welfares universal character and the income-related benefits. However, there is one main exception: housing policy has gone through radical change. Due to the sector’s opaque character, citizens are not aware of the changes.”



In his first lecture at MPP Seminar Series with MPP students at VJU, Lindbom emphasized that Vietnam is industrializing and this changes everything included pensions and unemployment benefits. However, he really hope that young Vietnamese generation should learn from other countries how they has performed in their industrialization.

Prof. Anders Lindbom

Regarding Swedish welfare state, Lindbom assumed that Sweden in about 15 years ago was alike Vietnam at this time in the industrialization era. Sweden has been suffered severely cold weather in winter and also faced with many obstacles before industrialization. However, they were alike "lucky” at that time because they could learn from Great Britain or Germany, two countries succeeded before them.

Students and Professor discussion

Students and Professor discussion

Through his lecture, Lindbom showed many valuable data and knowledge about Sweden welfare state, how their government boosts the overall industry and welfare state as well, "not by the way they tell firms do certain things but how help them to do it in efficient way”, he said.

Coverage, social insurance 2008 (per cent of the labour force)

The vast majority of the covered in Vietnam are within the state sector. 

  Vietnam Sweden
Old Age 17 100
Sickness 17 100
Unemployment 11 96


As Lindbom’s collected data, Sweden ranks 15th in the world’s most economic freedom countries, above the United States and possesses variety of most recognized brand name all over the world, such as: Volvo, IKEA or the most famous music streaming platform Spotify,...





Prof. Lindbom and MPP's students


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