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Prof. Nobuo Mimura to educate philosophy of Liberal Arts in Master Program of Climate Change and Development

17th September 2018



Prof. Nobuo Mimura, Director of Ibaraki University is going to educate liberal arts, the 70-year applied philosophy in the university to Vietnam with the expectation of creating new Vietnamese generation at best preparation for any changes and climate change. 



Professor Nobuo Mimura of climate change


The vital role of higher education in climate change mitigation



Nearly 10 years ago, in an interview with the United Nations University on topic of the threat of global climate change, while many leaders and policymakers said that climate change would not threaten at all for Japan, Japanese expert of climate change, Nobuo Mimura, who has done a lot of research on climate change, pointed out the findings of his study and convinced that climate change will have a serious impact on the future of Japan.

Prof. Mimura emphasized that caution to climate change is essential. At the same time, the requirement of preparation of human resources to cope with climate change is to bring qualified experts who are competent in predicting and forecasting climate change together. To do that, higher education, which plays a major role in the research and training of professionals and researchers, is pivotal.


Special lecture of Nobuo Mimura about sustainable science against climate change at Vietnam Japan University Opening Ceremony 


Japan has been severely affected by natural disasters. Earthquakes in Hokkaido with more than 100 aftershocks, Hurricane Jebi, etc are all the biggest catastrophes in Japanese history. People all over the world still see the resilience of the Japanese people towards the catastrophes but according to Prof. Mimura, preparation of a group of qualified researchers to deal with climate change, not only in Japan, but around the world is the essential thing needs to be done.

Professor Mimura also shared Japan population is shrinking and with the trend of aging population, Japan can hardly have enough manpower to deal with natural disasters. Therefore, he and Ibaraki University are looking to the world to find partners in the fight against climate change.



Professor Nobuo Mimura has come to Vietnam, one of the nations with a rapid economic growth rate, but is facing many consequences of climate change, especially the consequence resulted from greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the important things in the attempt to fight against climate change is the cooperation between Vietnam Japan University and Ibaraki University. The cooperation not only presents the strong exchanges in teaching and research activities between but also delivers the philosophy of liberal arts education and sustainable development in the two universities. Prof. Nobuo Mimura shared his great expectations: "One of our expectations for this collaboration is to build a quality education system for our students. That is also our endeavor for the common development of Asian countries. Asia is considered to be the most dynamic development area of ​​the 21st century but this is also the time when the world is under dangerous pressure caused by climate change.”


Cooperation between the two universities about climate change mitigation

VJU will have a transformative impact on society through continual innovation in education, research, creativity, and entrepreneurship. society.


Regarding Vietnam Japan University, Rector Furuta Motoo said, "Vietnam-Japan University always sets the philosophy of liberal arts education and sustainable development as the guideline of throughout development. We hope that the collaboration with Ibaraki University, a university with extensive experience in sustainable development, climate change adaptation research and liberal art education will bring great opportunities for students and the common development of the two education system.” First step of the collaboration is opening Master program on Climate Change and Development (MCCD).

Master program on Climate Change and Development (MCCD) aims at training human resource who can grasp and excel in these highly demanding and sustainable job opportunities. This program welcomes candidates from various disciplines, from the social sciences, natural sciences and governance officers to the MCCD program at VJU to improve the knowledge and skills to meet the urgent needs of Vietnam in particular and the world in general on responding to climate change.  


Professor Mai Trong Nhuan, Director of MCCD

Professor Kazuyuki Kita, co-director of MCCD


On the orientation day for students of the first course of the program, Prof. Nobuo Mimura and lecturers of Ibaraki University came to the Vietnam-Japan University to discuss the idea of dealing with climate change. One of the methods that GS. Nobuo Mimura emphasized that the training of students are the method of "Active learning" and liberal arts education.

Professor Nobuo Mimura said: "We try our best to promote the education of Vietnam. Ibaraki University will bring experts on climate change in Japan and invite them to teach at the Vietnam-Japan University. We have extensive researches in the field of climate change, environment, social sciences and humanities. Therefore, we have built up a strong relationship with many professors in Japan and we will bring that advantage to Vietnam, especially in VJU. In addition, we will apply technology of climate change research for students of Vietnam Japan University.”