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One of the group companies of Yuko-Keiso, Japan

Yuko Keiso’s core businesses include design, installation and maintenance of automated systems for electricity system, air conditioning and security systems in office buildings. To make it simple, image automation as a human body. The skeleton is like the building, the blood vessels are the power systems, lungs and digestive organs are the fans and air conditioners, muscles are the motor system. Automation is responsible for connecting and operating these independent organs.

Sensors are the senses receiving and transmitting information through the nervous system (power cables). Then the central operating system as a brain recognizes and controls the information.

In short, our system ensures that the optimal status of the building environment is achieved.

Let’s compare this job to a symphony orchestra to understand the interesting side of it. No matter how well each violinist or flutist plays individually, the audience will find it annoying to listen to a symphony if its each player plays on its own. In this case, we have the conducting role to play to instruct the orchestra and shape the sound of the ensemble. We make contributions to the society by creating comfortable and pleasant space and by providing optimal conditions through control of temperature, humidity and CO2 level aiming at "Comfortable for human beings, optimal for equipment”.

Yuko-Keiso Building

Tokyo Station

Shinjuku Station Miraina Tower