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About SEKISHO Scholarship Foundation

SEKISHO Scholarship Foundation is founded in 1984 to support students who can contribute to the society in the future. Its scholarship is provided for graduate students of Tsukuba University and Ibaraki University, along with for overseas students of Ibaraki University from Vietnam after SEKISHO CORPORATION advanced into Vietnam.

SEKISHO Scholarship Foundation also provides a scholarship for the Vietnamese students of Vietnam-Japan University since 2017, for the purpose of supporting students who will draw the development of Vietnam and the relationship between the two countries.


Relationship SEKISHO CORPORATION and SEKISHO Scholarship Foundation

SEKISHO Scholarship Foundation is one entity of SEKISHO Group.

As a main company of SEKISHO group, SEKISHO CORPORATION makes donations to SEKISHO Scholarship Foundation and operates it to support its activity.

We would let you know SEKISHO CORPORATION.





Our company was founded in 1908. Through the sales of oil product, we walk together with the local people and we have grown to becoming a general trading company by expansion and diversification of business, for example, housing, living essentials, automobiles, IT solution, System development and so on. During this period, the idea of a company has rooted steadily, we have worked for not only contributing to the life of local people but improving local culture as a social citizen. We want to create the local community of a new era together with you as a member of the same society across the frame of the company.




1. Contributing to the improvement of local society and life

SEKISHO Group contributes to the improvement of social community and economy, and the creation of a richer life through the offer of valuable products and service for visitor.

2. Continuing our efforts with Customer First principle

SEKISHO Group has the same value that is "All for customer” and it is most pleasure things for us that there are always customers with a smile. All employees pursue the happiness of the customer and we continue being your best partner.

3. Acting as basic a rule in Safety and Sincerity

SEKISHO Group keep "Safety” and "Sincerity” in our mind and take action to earn trust. We challenge daringly towards the future while valuing the harmony between society and the environment.




Gas Station / Various Energy Supply


・Operation of gas Station (80 directly-managed stations)

(Sales of gasoline and light oil, changing oil,
car maintenance & inspection, body coating)

・Sales of fuel oil and industrial lubricant oil

・Sales of natural gas and LP gas

・Sales and installation of photovoltaic power generation

・Control & management of petroleum product,
maintenance & inspection of equipment



Sales and maintenance of Honda Cars, German / French Cars

・Sales( brand-new / certified pre owned cars), maintenance and inspection of

『Honda』, 『Porsche』, 『Mercedes-Benz』, 『BMW』, 『MINI』 and 『Peugeot』 cars official retailer



Living Essentials

Nursing-Care Services, Convenience Stores, Sales of Insurance

・Management of Nursing-care facilities

・Management of convenience stores(Family Mart)
・Sales of property and casualty insurance and medical insurance


Office Solutions

Office Equipment, Computer Systems

・Proposal and Sales of copy machines, printers and office furniture

・Design and construction of network systems

・Development, sales and maintenance of operation systems


Mobile Phone

・Sales of mobile phones ( au, Softbank)

・Proposal and Sales of mobile solution for businesses


Human Resources Services

・Staffing service and staff education


Construction of Air Conditioning, Plumbing Equipment

・Design, installation, repair work and maintenance of air conditioning and

 plumbing equipment





SEKISHO CORPORATION actively supports cultural programs based on the idea that "We are brought up by local, and to serve them."


SEKISHO Scholarship Foundation

For graduate students, providing scholarships contribute to raise the people who contribute to society.


Leo Esaki Prize

The Leo Esaki Prize is a commendation of the researcher who gave superior results of research on NANO technology field.


SEKISHO international women's open tennis tournament

We have managed women's international convention for developing the Japanese women's tennis and raise young player since 1987.


Sponsor of Kashima Antlers FC (Japanese Professional Football Team)

We actively support Japanese football club Kashima Antlers FC. Because of

sympathize their ides "Become the core of regional activity through the sports.