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Admission Tuition fee & Scholarship Scholarship



It is a great interest of VJU to build up the scholarship fund for students. So far, VJU has been successful in calling for contribution from the Government of Japan, organizations and individuals to VJU scholarship fund. To facilitate and motivate potential individuals with good academic achievements to be involved in research, training and personal development in an advanced training environment.


I.          Special financial aids for students of Vietnam Japan University

All students enrolled in the Master's programs will be supported with most of the educational costs, tuition fees shall be approximately 20% of the actual educational cost for one student.

II.      Expected scholarship information for intake 2018-20120


Internship scholarship in Japan

The Government of Japan shall provide 60 scholarships for 2018-2020 students for one to three months of internship at partner Universities, research centers, organizations and enterprises in Japan. Internship scholarship include: air ticket, insurance, living expenses and travel expenses in Japan.

Tuition subsidy scholarships

The Government of Japan shall also provide 50 scholarships to support students in intake 2018-2020: 30 full tuition and 20 partial tuition subsidy scholarships.

Zensho financial support

Students of Japanese studies in Master’s program in Area studies shall receive 05 financial support worth 1.440.000 Yen/slot (equivalent to 290.000.000VND/slot) from ZENSHO Corporation, Japan.

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal  Scholarship

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Vietnam will grant 02 full scholarships to 01 students in Master's program in Nanotechnology and 01 student in Master's degree in Infrastructure Engineering.

Tuition subsidy scholarships donated by Japanese enterprises

According to the criteria of the enterprise to raise funds, the University is expected to grant 20 scholarships to support tuition fees with priority for educational programs in the Natural Sciences and Engineering.

Special scholarship from Rector of Vietnam Japan University

Special scholarship from Rector is an irregular scholarship used to support a number of good and talented students who face to unexpected difficulty in paying tuition fee.

With the strong support from the Governments of Vietnam and Japan, the cooperation and support of VNU and leading universities in Japan, VJU shall be the place where scientists and students work, study and create the future in a professional and international academic environment.


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