About VJU Organization Administrative Department


Administrative Office is responsible for advising and assisting the Rector to perform the university organization management, includes Human resource, Administrative works, Legal inspection, Emulation and Commendation, Information technology, Communication and Quality assurance.

Administrative Office provides a wide range of Staffs and Departmental services, including: 

1. HR policies, procedures and guidelines 

2. Recruitment, Job evaluation, Emulation and Commendation 

3. Staff training and development 

4. Providing information and communications related to the University to the Media and the General public 

5. Quality assurances activities 

6. IT/ Technical support 

7. Administrative support, including office equipment and stationery 

Members of the  Administrative Department

Ho Nhu Hai

Chief of Department

Kazuki Ishida

JICA Expert, Project Coordinator of TC Project

Koji Asada

JICA Expert, Project Coordinator of TC Project

Nguyen Thi Thu Dung

General Affairs Officer

Nguyen Hien Giang

Secretary to the Rector

Ngo Manh Linh

Organization and HR Development Specialist

Nguyen To Nhu

Assistant to Chief Advisor

Le Thi Quynh Nga

Administrative cum Clerical Officer

Dinh Thu Phuong

Human resources Officer

Pham Minh Trang

Assistant to Project Coordinator

Vu Thanh Tung

IT Officer

Le Hai Yen

Pr&Communication officer