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Message from the Rector                                                                                            




Professor Furuta Motoo

Rector - Vietnam Japan University

On July 21, 2014, the Prime Minister signed the Decision on the establishment of Vietnam Japan University (VJU), the seventh member university under Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU). VJU is a new university model in Vietnam, envisaged to become an internationally recognized university, and a symbol of the close and fruitful cooperation between Vietnam and Japan. 

As VNU’s member university, VJU can leverage upon VNU’s intrinsic advantages and resources. In parallel, VJU also partners intensively with prestigious university such as Osaka University, Ritsumeikan University, University of Tokyo, University of Tsukuba, Yokohama National University, Waseda University,  Ibaraki University, etc.

VJU aims at becoming an international university which is open to all regional and international students from around the world. At VJU, students are given opportunities to develop their innovative thinking in order to pursue higher education at renowned universities in the world or work at government agencies, academic institutions, international organizations, multi-national companies, especially at Japanese companies. 

Societies in Vietnam and in the world are currently witnessing major changes. Life in a changing society sometimes could make us feel that ivory-tower learning is rather useless, just like "sailing without a compass". To confront and tackle this problem, we should have a broad vision. Thus, the first six master's programs of the VJU (namely Environmental Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, Nanotechnology, Area Studies, Business Administration and Public Policy) are interdisciplinary programs covering many fields of social science and natural science, all residing under the overall domain of sustainable science. 

Aiming at international standards, VJU has developed academic programs based on curriculum transferred from Japanese partner universities in combination with a team of elite professors from Japanese universities, VNU and other well-known universities. Besides, VJU will nurture young lecturers to be capable of doing research and lecturing at international level.


With strong support from the Governments of Vietnam and Japan, VNU and Japanese reputable universities, together with a good quality assurance system and internationally academic environment, VJU will attract scientists and talented students to come to work, study and create a sustainable future.

We call for the youth who possess high motivation and ambitious dreams to join VJU and together build an outstanding university in Vietnam, as a standard model for both Vietnam and Japan!

Thank you and wish you great success ahead!


Professor Furuta Motoo